Sam is a spy, a hunter who now finds herself hunted by a ruthless hidden enemy. Trapped in an intricate web of suspense and paranoia, she must discover who wants her dead by confronting her past.

Hunted - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2012-10-04

Hunted - Hunted (2015 TV series) - Netflix

Hunted is a British reality television programme on Channel 4 whose first series ran for six episodes in September–October 2015. The programme returned on 22 September 2016 for a six-episode second series with 10 new fugitives going on the run to be in with a chance to win a share of a £100,000 prize. The show was renewed for a third series in March 2017, as well as a “Celebrity Edition” in support of the charity Stand Up to Cancer. The third series began airing on 4 January 2018. The third series Celebrity Edition has been nominated for a BAFTA 2018 television award in the “Reality and Constructed Factual” category. It was confirmed at the end of the third series that Hunted had been renewed for a fourth series, which is expected to air in late 2018.

Hunted - Madu Alikor and Ayo Adesina - Netflix

Madu and Ayo started off together, but they struggled. Ayo frequently used his phone to send mocking tweets to the hunters and appeared to not be too worried about CCTV, whereas Madu was more cautious and tried to stay quiet. These differences led to them splitting up. Madu trekked across the UK, camping and staying at friends' houses, but was caught at a pub near Reading after boarding a train to the town from south Wales. On the other hand, Ayo asked strangers if they had a place to stay, including someone who worked at Subway in Shrewsbury. Unafraid to ask favours of random people, he received lifts and places to stay in return. There was a close call near his home in Wood Green, London, but he survived and made it to the finish line at the Isle of Sheppey.

Hunted - References - Netflix