I Bet You is a half-hour game show slash doc slash buddy comedy. In each episode we glimpse inside the outrageous lives of best friends and uber gamblers Phil "the Unabomber" Laak and Antonio "the Magician" Esfandiari as they wander the streets of America, all the while betting and daring each other and others on anything and everything that inspires them. We'll see high-stakes wagering action on the streets, outrageous dares for big money, and event-level bets all risking our hosts' own money and pride. The rapport and interaction between Antonio and Phil forms the backbone of the series---we're watching the top poker players in the world joust with each other, bringing their intensely competitive spirits and quirky personalities into our living rooms. We're getting a glimpse at their lifestyles, competitive friendships, and hilarious banter.

I Bet You - Netflix

Type: Game Show

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2007-04-16

I Bet You - Funkadelic (album) - Netflix

Funkadelic is the debut album by the American funk band Funkadelic, released in 1970 on Westbound Records.

I Bet You - Track listing - Netflix

Notes Tracks 8-11, 14 are mono recordings.

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