Salvo Montalbano is the police commissioner of Vigàta, a gruff character who is responsible and serious at work, but often also open and friendly with people he knows he can trust. Montalbano finds he must investigate various criminal acts in his area, for which - thanks to his great intelligence and the help of numerous assistants, even outside the police - he always manages to reconstruct the exact events and to find a solution. Among his colleagues are his deputy, Mimi Augello, inspector Giuseppe Fazio, the awkward policeman, Agatino Catarella and other officers of the police station. Otherwise, among his external collaborators are his friend Ingrid Sjostrom, the journalist Niccolò Zito and, more rarely, Adelina his cook. In his private life, Salvo carries on a long-distance relationship with Livia Burlando, with whom he has a sometimes tempestuous relationship, but in which love always prevails.

Il commissario Montalbano - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Italian

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1999-05-06

Il commissario Montalbano - The Young Montalbano - Netflix

The Young Montalbano (Italian: Il giovane Montalbano) is an Italian television series produced and broadcast by Radiotelevisione Italiana (RAI) in 2012 and 2015. It is a prequel to the popular series Inspector Montalbano (Italian: Il commissario Montalbano), based on the detective novels of Andrea Camilleri, set in the fictional town of Vigàta, Sicily. The first season was originally broadcast in February–March 2012 by Rai 1 in Italy. The series was broadcast in the United States by MHz WorldView as part of their International Mystery series in October–November 2012. The BBC acquired the series in late 2012, and the first episode was broadcast by BBC Four in the UK on 7 September 2013. Series producer Carlo Degli Esposti, in an interview published in TV Sorrisi e Canzoni in April 2012, confirmed that a second season was expected to start filming in late 2013, but it was then delayed until August 2014, and the second season was not broadcast in Italy until September–October 2015. In 2016 UK's BBC 4 began broadcasting Series 2. The first episode 1/6, “The Man Who Followed Funerals” was broadcast on 6 January 2016.

Il commissario Montalbano - Critical reception - Netflix

Writing in UK newspaper The Independent on Sunday, Emily Jupp found that, “There are a few nods to TV detectives past. Questioning a policeman in Vigata, he turned to go, then in a perfect pastiche of Columbo, asked, 'and one more thing...' This being Italy, the question isn't about a clue, but about food, and soon his yearning for linguine alla vongole has been sated”. She concluded by writing, “The niche appeal and subtitles might be a bit of a barrier, but by the end of the two-hour episode, I'd really warmed to this compelling Italian. Riondino's Montalbano could give Cumberbatch's Sherlock a run for his money”. Writing in free UK newspaper Metro, Keith Watson wrote, “Just as Shaun Evans makes for a physically unlikely but entirely credible young Inspector Morse, so Riondino gives the part of Montalbano an entirely convincing and individual interpretation. […] Even mundane procedural exchanges between cops in the station took on a kind of poetic lilt, weaving a hypnotic brand of Mediterranean magic. […] The feeling was the one you get when curled up with a book on holiday while the sun sets and you're on your second cocktail. Unfolding at a leisurely two hours, with no sense of urgency and no ad breaks, The Young Montalbano had plenty of time to slip local colour into the pair of murder stories that unfolded in laconic yet not entirely ungripping fashion. It was a rare thing: a crime thriller that teased and circled its prey, rarely breaking into a sweat. Fans of subtitled Euro treats, walk this way”. Gabriel Tate, reviewing the first episode in the London edition of Time Out, wrote: “The Young Morse? Well, Endeavour was pretty good. The Young Lund? Crying out to be made. But The Young Montalbano? Neither especially troubled nor notably enigmatic, the Sicilian detective has never been one of television's more intriguing characters, with the appeal of his show limited to the spectacular scenery and guessing which actor would chew through it the most during the course of that week's investigation. As origin stories go, this isn't exactly Batman Begins, although we learn that he did once have a full head of hair”. Overall, he found the opener “Dull, dull, dull – for two hours”. As of 18 February 2016, The Young Montalbano had a rating of 8.0/10 (from 522 users) on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb).

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