"Iron Chef America: The Series" is an American cooking show based on Fuji Television's Iron Chef, and is the second American adaptation of the series, following the failed Iron Chef USA. The show is produced by Food Network, which also carried a dubbed version of the original Iron Chef. Like the original Japanese program, the program is a culinary game show. In each episode, a new challenger chef competes against one of the resident "Iron Chefs" in a one-hour cooking competition based on a secret ingredient or ingredients, and sometimes theme.

Iron Chef America - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2005-01-16

Iron Chef America - Iron Chef - Netflix

Iron Chef (料理の鉄人, Ryōri no Tetsujin, literally “Ironmen of Cooking”) is a Japanese television cooking show produced by Fuji Television. The series, which premiered on October 10, 1993, is a stylized cook-off featuring guest chefs challenging one of the show's resident “Iron Chefs” in a timed cooking battle built around a specific theme ingredient. The series ended on September 24, 1999, although occasional specials were produced until 2002. The series aired 309 episodes. Repeats are regularly aired on the Food Network in Canada, the Cooking Channel in the United States and on Special Broadcasting Service in Australia. Fuji TV aired a new version of the show, titled Iron Chef (アイアンシェフ, Aian Shefu), starting on October 26, 2012.

Iron Chef America - Iron Chef America - Netflix

In 2004, Food Network announced that they would show an Iron Chef special, called “Iron Chef America: Battle of the Masters”, featuring Sakai and Morimoto dueling with American Iron Chefs Bobby Flay, Mario Batali, and Wolfgang Puck, all Food Network personalities and renowned American celebrity chefs. (Morimoto and Flay battled in two previous Iron Chef specials that were made after the original series aired.) The specials featured Alton Brown as the announcer and Mark Dacascos playing the role of The Chairman (in the storyline, this Chairman is the nephew of Takeshi Kaga). The show received high ratings and rave reviews and in October 2004, Food Network began taping weekly episodes that premiered starting in January 2005. Some changes were made to the show, most notably replacing Puck with Morimoto as an Iron Chef (a fourth, Cat Cora, was added later), and the location was moved from Los Angeles to New York City. The fifth Iron Chef, Michael Symon, was added for his win in The Next Iron Chef. In 2009, Chef Jose Garces became the sixth Iron Chef following his victory in the second season of The Next Iron Chef. In 2010, Chef Marc Forgione won the third season of The Next Iron Chef, becoming the seventh Iron Chef on Iron Chef America. Chef Geoffrey Zakarian won The Next Iron Chef's fourth season in 2011, making him the eighth Iron Chef. In 2012, Chef Alexandra Guarnaschelli became the ninth and most recent Iron Chef after winning the fifth season of The Next Iron Chef. Even though both Todd English and Kerry Simon from Iron Chef USA have competed on Iron Chef America, there has been no mention of their ICU tenure.

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