Jamie Kennedy's Blowin' Up follows Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone as they try to become rappers.

Jamie Kennedy's Blowin' Up - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2006-05-16

Jamie Kennedy's Blowin' Up - Rollin' with Saget - Netflix

“Rollin' with Saget” is a comedic rap song composed by Stu Stone & D-Sisive and featuring vocals from Jamie Kennedy & Stu Stone with Bob Saget. Much of its humor is derived from showing Saget in a profane and violent light (which actually corresponds with his stand-up act), as opposed to his most famous role, Danny Tanner, the squeaky clean widowed father of three on the American sitcom Full House, or the wholesome host of America's Funniest Home Videos. Saget himself has since adopted it as a pseudo theme song, streaming it on his official website and playing during his stand-up acts.

Jamie Kennedy's Blowin' Up - The song - Netflix

Stone originally composed this song in 2005; Saget was recruited at a later date. The song is intercut with imitations of turntable scratching by Stone and a repeated chorus identifying Saget as “Numero Uno” and saying that “nobody does it better”. The song portrays the three men—Kennedy, Stone, and Saget—as a crew; led by Saget, who are out for a night of barhopping on “the mean streets of Malibu”. Saget is noted to be wearing khaki trousers and a cardigan sweater, which is an outfit consistent with his Danny Tanner character. The outfit leads to the song's hook, which refers to Saget as, “the illest motherfucker in a cardigan sweater.” The trio drives to a local nightclub while Saget rolls blunts in the backseat. At first the bouncer refuses them entry until Saget offers to show him some “affection”, at which point he slaps him and the crew enter the club. They go directly to the VIP section, where Saget orders Dom Pérignon (and drinks it from the bottle) while flirting with multiple models. At that point rappers DMX and 50 Cent enter the VIP section and Saget starts a fight with them by not recognizing who they are. Subsequently, 50 Cent strikes him with a chair, causing Saget to reveal his Glock firearm, thus igniting chaos in the club. This results in Paris Hilton calling the local authorities on her cellular telephone. Before the police arrive the Saget crew and the models sneak out of the club and back into Jamie's SUV. As they head to Saget's house, where he has a stash of Kush weed and beer that they can consume in his hot tub, Saget convinces the girls to kiss each other in a lesbian fashion, before he has to jump out of the car to urinate on the side of the road. The song ends with Saget planning to hang out with Stone and Kennedy again tomorrow before obliquely saying “Night, Michelle.”

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