Six-part web series that presents an alternate take on the origins of Judge Dredd's arch-nemesis - a demonic creature known as Judge Death that sees life itself as a crime. Can Dredd survive a clash with such foe and save his niece?

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Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 5 minutes

Premier: 2014-10-27

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The Dark Judges are recurring villains in the Judge Dredd science fiction comic strip in the UK comic 2000 AD. They also appear in the 2003 computer game Judge Dredd: Dredd Vs. Death. They are Judge Death, Judge Fire, Judge Fear, and Judge Mortis. Later storylines added the “Sisters of Death” (Phobia and Nausea) to their ranks. Former Judge Kraken was also a Dark Judge for a brief time during the Necropolis story.

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The Dark Judges are undead, and as such, cannot be conventionally killed. Their true forms are incorporeal spirits that must inhabit corpses in order to cause physical harm. This involves obtaining recently deceased cadavers, which are subsequently processed by machinery that produces “dead fluids.” These fluids bring the corpses to “full ripeness,” prefatory for the spirits to inhabit and animate. The incarnate Dark Judges are emaciated, zombie-like humanoids with sharp claws that frequently serve for them to injure their victims. All four speak with a hiss. Once incarnated, the Dark Judges don uniforms (or “robes of office”) which reflect their identities. The uniforms are variants of the traditional judge uniforms, with specific modifications based upon the judges' personalities. Judge Death wears a helmet similar to that of a traditional Judge, with a modified visor resembling a portcullis. His mouth is pulled into a rictus. In place of the Judges' eagle-shaped shoulder pauldrons, Death sports a pterodactyl on his right shoulder; his left shoulder and elbow pads are festooned with bones. His jacket is fastened with crude stitches rather than a zipper, and his badge and belt buckle are each shaped like a human skull with extended fangs, the latter is also adorned with bat wings. Death most often kills his victims by reaching directly into their chests (in an intangible state) and squeezing their hearts until they burst, without ever breaking the skin.

Judge Fear is an imposing figure who wears a black great helm accented with large, bat-like wings. When passing judgement, he opens his helmet's faceplate and frightens the accused to death with whatever lies within, whilst reciting his catch phrase, “Gaze into the face of Fear!” The actual face under the helmet has only been revealed twice: once as a mass of eyeballs, and on another occasion as several grotesque mandibles. No explanation has been given as to whether these monstrosities are indicative of Fear's physical face, or if they are simply manifestations of his victims' fears. Fear sports an assortment of tools on his belt, notably miniature bear traps, which he is known to throw at his enemies in order to immobilize them; and an enormous padlock which he uses to secure his victims' potential exit routes. His belt buckle is a shrunken head. In “Die laughing” the shrunken head was revealed to be an explosive weapon, similar in effect to a hand grenade, when Judge Fear used it in an unsuccessful attempt to kill Batman. He wears a heavy black cape with large, bear trap shoulder pauldrons. In Progs. 421 and 423, Judge Fear is seen to exhibit powers similar to Judge Death's “phasing” ability, thrusting his hands through victims' bodies. Judge Fire is immersed head-to-toe in ethereal flame. He wears no helmet, and instead has a human skull for a head. He wields a flame-spewing trident. He earned the name “Judge Fire” when he was still alive, after he burned down a school for violating noise regulations. Judge Mortis is in a perpetual state of disintegration, and his touch can cause spontaneous decay at a rapid rate. His head is a sheep skull and he has a bony tail. His uniform's right shoulder pauldron is a bird skeleton, and his left shoulder is protected by a perforated mantle. His badge is a stylized sheep skull with his name emblazoned in wood. Like Fire and Fear, Mortis spent his early years as a rookie Judge at Law School, Deadworld's equivalent to Mega-City One's Academy of Law, and graduated after Sidney De'ath. He developed an admiration for Sidney's methods and beliefs, and shares his comrades' zeal for passing arbitrary death sentences. He is sometimes employed by Judge Death to prepare the Dark Judges' host bodies.

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