Daniel Feeld is working on a fictional play for television. The play, entitled Karaoke, concerns a beautiful young woman working in a sleazy karaoke bar run by Arthur Pig Mallion. Fiction and reality begin to intertwine when Feeld overhears snatches of his dialogue in the world around him and encounters real people bearing his character's names. The lines between the world he has created and the world in which he lives begin to blur and a desperate struggle to control both becomes enmeshed in his evolving sickness and a terminal diagnosis. Re-writing his will to right wrongs, leaving his body to a cryogenics laboratory, and plotting to go out with a bang, Daniel Feeld is about to write an ending for one world that will have great repercussions in the next.

Karaoke - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 55 minutes

Premier: 1996-04-28

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A karaoke box (カラオケボックス, karaoke bokkusu) is a common type of karaoke establishment commonly found in East Asia, Southeast Asia, South Asia and the United States. Karaoke boxes consist of multiple rooms containing karaoke equipment, usually rented out for time periods. A typical karaoke box establishment contains 10–20 (or more) such rooms as well as a main karaoke bar area in the front. Karaoke box establishments often sell refreshments. The term karaoke box is primarily used in Japan and Hong Kong. Karaoke box establishments are commonly known as KTV (an abbreviation of karaoke television) in Taiwan, China, Cambodia, Singapore, and the United States, videoke in the Philippines, noraebang (노래방) in South Korea (literally meaning singing room), karaoke room in Vietnam, and karaoke club in Sri Lanka. It is also common to simply abbreviate it as K in Hong Kong Cantonese, often when used as a verb, for example 去K歌 (to go K songs) or 去唱K (to go sing K).

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KTV can also refer to a karaoke music video, a music video with karaoke lyrics and MMO audio track. Some karaoke music videos were sold to KTV establishments under exclusivity contracts, making some people use them to copy karaoke music videos illegally and share them on the Internet. These are often found on the Internet in MPEG (VCD) or VOB (DVD) format with (KTV) appended to the filename.

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