Stephen King Presents Kingdom Hospital is the haunting new 15-hour drama series developed directly for television by the award-winning, best-selling master of horror. Using Lars Von Trier's Danish miniseries "Riget" (a.k.a. "The Kingdom") as a point of inspiration, King tells the terrifying story of The Kingdom, a hospital with a bizarre population that includes a nearly blind security guard, a nurse who regularly faints at the sight of blood and a paraplegic artist whose recovery is a step beyond miraculous. When patients and staff hear the tortured voice of a little girl crying through the halls, they are dismissive of any suggestion of mysticism of unseen powers ... but at their own peril.

Kingdom Hospital - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2004-03-03

Kingdom Hospital - Kingdom Hospital - Netflix

Kingdom Hospital (sometimes known as Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital) is a thirteen-episode television series based on Lars von Trier's The Kingdom (Danish title: Riget), which was developed by horror writer Stephen King in 2004 for American television. While initially conceived as a mini-series, it was later changed into a regular television series (albeit one that lasted one season). It was first aired on ABC on March 3 and concluded on July 15, 2004 after being put on hold during NBA playoffs.

Kingdom Hospital - Production - Netflix

King and producer Mark Carliner discovered the source material, the five-hour Danish television movie called Riget (Kingdom in English), while searching through a video store during the making of the 1997 TV miniseries adaptation of King's novel The Shining. They tried to buy the rights to the Danish original, only to learn that Columbia Pictures had acquired them and intended to make a theatrical movie. After five years, Columbia concluded the work could not be adapted in two-hour form and sold the rights in exchange for the rights to King's novella from the 1990 book Four Past Midnight called Secret Window, Secret Garden. This was the first time he had adapted someone else's work rather than his own from scratch. King kept most of the characters and dark humor in place, but added a new central character named Peter Rickman who was based on his own personal experience after being hit by a minivan. King described the finished product as “the thing I like best out of all the things I've done.” The series is known for its tangential plots and characters who recur throughout, as King called it a “novelization for television”. King committed to write the story line for the following year, should ABC decide to continue the series. While written as a mini-series, many fans wanted it to be renewed for a second season, and Stephen King had a storyboard written out for one. After incredibly successful ratings for the first episode, the highest rating drama debut of the year on ABC, ratings plummeted thereafter. Despite being cancelled, the series did receive Emmy Award nominations for Special Visual Effects for a Series and Main Title Design.

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