The little prince, who lives on a tiny asteroid with his beloved rose, travels with his only friend, a talking fox, through the galaxy. He lands at planets where the serpent and its black thoughts are suspected to have arrived earlier, each time inspiring or exacerbating a bitter, needless conflict among its human and/or population(s).

Le petit prince - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: French

Status: Ended

Runtime: 24 minutes

Premier: 2011-01-06

Le petit prince - The Little Prince (1974 film) - Netflix

The Little Prince is a 1974 British-American fantasy-musical film with screenplay and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner, music by Frederick Loewe. It was both directed and produced by Stanley Donen and based on the 1943 classic children-adult's novella, Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince), by the writer, poet and pioneering aviator Count Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, who disappeared near the end of the Second World War some 15 months after his fable was first published. The film and its music were unsuccessful at the box office but became somewhat popular after its theatrical run, and has been released for sale on various media.

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Bob Fosse appears in the film as The Snake for one song, “A Snake in the Grass”, during which he does a dance sequence that he choreographed himself, which includes trademark Fosse elements such as hip thrusts, jazz hands and use of hat and jacket as props. This scene in the film has long been speculated to have been a major influence on singer Michael Jackson's costume and choreography for performances of his 1982 hit song “Billie Jean”. Fosse's dance sequence even included a variation on the moonwalk, a dance step that Jackson included in his “Billie Jean” performances that would later become his signature move.

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