Poverty-strikened Yang Jinghua had an accident. The moment he woke up, he seemed to turn 10 years younger overnight. Yang Jinghua thought he had been reborn and when he was about to step on the path for a new beginning, a white-haired, rich and handsome guy named Duanmu Xi, appeared right in front of him. He not only told Yang Jinghua that Yang Jinghua was already dead, he even asked for an invitation: "Young man, do you want to sign a contract with me and stay with me for the rest of your life?"

Ling Qi - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Chinese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 14 minutes

Premier: 2016-06-21

Ling Qi - Prince of Lan Ling - Netflix

Prince of Lan Ling (Chinese: 兰陵王) is a 2013 Chinese television series that is set during the lifetime of the Northern Qi Dynasty prince Gao Changgong. It starred Chinese actor Feng Shaofeng as the titular Prince of Lan Ling, alongside Taiwanese actress singer Ariel Lin and Hong Kong actor singer Daniel Chan. Principal photography began on 16 April and finished on 10 August 2012 in Mainland China. Filming locations include Hengdian World Studios, Xiangshan Movie & Television Town in Zhejiang Province and Tianmo Natural Desert in Huailai County Hebei Province. The series began airing in China on 4 channels (Zhejiang TV, Dragon TV, Shenzhen TV, Yunnan TV) simultaneously on 14 August 2013. The series was also aired in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Thailand and other Asia-Pacific countries.

Ling Qi - Others - Netflix

Lü Zhong as Yang Linshi Xue Wu's grandmother. She is very protective of Xue Wu since they are the last of their tribe. She predicted the prophecy of the Prince of Lan Ling's tragic fate. Huang Xindi as Yu Tu Yuwen Yong's spy against Yuwen Hu.

Ling Qi - References - Netflix