Living Different showcases nine strong and inspiring young women who are out to change the world by simply being themselves.

Living Different - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2015-01-06

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A living fossil is an extant taxon that closely resembles organisms otherwise known only from the fossil record. As a rule, to be considered a living fossil, the fossil species must be old relative to the time of origin of the extant clade. Living fossils commonly are species-poor lineages, but they need not be. The term living fossil is not formally defined, but in scientific literature the term usually connotes a bradytelic group. “Bradytely”, however, is rarely used in modern scientific literature but the characteristic of a bradytelic group is that its changes fluctuate on a small scale and do not accumulate over time. In modern literature, the term most often used for that distinctive evolutionary tempo is “stasis”. Living fossils exhibit stasis over geologically long time scales. In popular literature “living fossil” commonly embodies radical misunderstandings such as that the organism somehow has undergone no significant evolution since fossil times, with practically no molecular evolution or morphological, but scientific investigations have repeatedly discredited any such claims about molecular evolution. The minimal superficial changes to living fossils are mistakenly declared the absence of evolution, but they are examples of stabilizing selection, which is an evolutionary process -- and perhaps the dominant process of morphological evolution.

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The dinoflagellate †Calciodinellum operosum. The dinoflagellate †Dapsilidinium pastielsii. The dinoflagellate †Posoniella tricarinelloides. The coccolithophore Tergestiella adriatica.

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