Sena is a college graduate who dreams of becoming a world class pianist. He teaches piano at a local piano school. Minami is an out of work model. On her wedding day, she gets dumped by her fiance and loses all of her savings, which she gave to her fiance. Her fiance turns out to be Senna's former roommate. She rushes to Sena's apartment and finds out that her fiance has skipped town. With no money and no where to go, she moves in with Sena.

Long Vacation - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1996-04-15

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The National Lampoon's Vacation film series is a comedy film series initially based on John Hughes' short story “Vacation '58” that was originally published by National Lampoon magazine. The series is distributed by Warner Bros. and consists of six films, two of which are not sponsored by National Lampoon. In recent years, the series has been the inspiration for various advertising campaigns featuring some of the original cast members. The series portrays the misadventures of the Griswold family, whose attempts to enjoy vacations and holidays are plagued with continual disasters and strangely embarrassing predicaments.

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Aside from the obvious issues with the characters' physical appearances due to being played by different actors, Rusty and Audrey both age on a floating timeline. It is assumed that each film takes place in the year they are actually filmed, as no other indication of time is mentioned and the characters' clothing, cars, and environment are contemporary to the time of each film's release. In most of the films it is never mentioned which of the two children is older. Rusty and Audrey appear to be in their early teens in Vacation (1983), and in their mid-teens in European Vacation (1985) two years later (at one point in the film, he specifically mentions that he is fifteen years old). However, in Christmas Vacation (1989), while she appears to be in her late teens, he looks younger than he did in the preceding films. Whereas in Vegas Vacation (1997), both are in their late teens to which Clark tells the kids, “I hardly recognize you anymore!” The next shot freezes for a moment on the kids sitting silently, making fun of the discontinuity. Dana Barron, who was then in her late thirties, reprised the role of Audrey in Christmas Vacation 2 (2003). Rusty is also portrayed as an adult with a wife and daughter in Hotel Hell Vacation (2010). However, in Vacation (2015), Rusty is portrayed by Ed Helms and has two sons with no mention of a daughter.

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