Introducing... "Love Matters", written by and starring some of the leading lights on the UK comedy scene, Love Matters is a season of six stand-alone comedies. Starting from Thursday 28th March, each week two perfectly paired half-hour films will paint a picture of real romance in the 21st century.

Love Matters - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2013-03-28

Love Matters - Love Matters (program) - Netflix

Love Matters is a global program providing information on relationships, sex and love. The idea was first developed in the Netherlands by the independent media producer RNW Media. It has been referred to as a freedom of speech program. Its current target countries are Kenya, Uganda, China, Egypt, Mexico, Venezuela and India. The platform was originally launched in India (headed by Vithika Yadav), before expanding rapidly to Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and China. Love Matters works mainly online via its own websites and social media channels. In each region, it provides the same delivery method, but the content and language are tailored to each target market. It seeks to bridge the gap in sexual reproductive health information between young people, sexual health experts, educators and services. The concept has been honored by the World Association for Sexual Health and is also mentioned in the United Nations manifesto on reproductive health.

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Love Matters operates regionally, creating targeted content, dependent on what is required for that given target region. The earliest launch was in India, with other locations such as Kenya soon following. Other major regional platforms have included Latin America, China and the Middle East.

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