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Lucky Star - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2007-04-08

Lucky Star - Lucky Star (Madonna song) - Netflix

“Lucky Star” is a song by American singer Madonna from her eponymous debut album Madonna (1983). It was released as the fourth single from the album on September 8, 1983, by Sire Records. “Lucky Star” was produced by Reggie Lucas. However, during recording, Madonna was not impressed by Lucas' version. She called her then-boyfriend John “Jellybean” Benitez to remix the track according to her ideas. “Lucky Star” is a medium-paced dance track and combines the heavy beats of a drum with the sounds of a guitar played in a high riff. The lyrics juxtapose the male body with the heavenly stars in the sky. Both contemporary and modern critics praised the song, heralding it as the introduction to upbeat dance music. In the United States, “Lucky Star” became Madonna's first top-five hit on the Billboard Hot 100, when it reached the peak position of number four, becoming the second single in her record-breaking string of 17 consecutive top-ten hits. It had already become Madonna's first number-one song on the Billboard Dance Club Songs, when it peaked the chart alongside the previously released single “Holiday”. The music video portrayed Madonna dancing in front of a white background, accompanied by her dancers. After the video was released, Madonna's style and mannerisms became a fashion trend among the younger generation. Scholars noted that in the video, Madonna portrayed herself as narcissistic and an ambiguous character. She referred to herself as the lucky star, unlike the lyrical meaning of the song. Madonna has performed the song in a number of live appearances, most recently at the Rebel Heart Tour (2015–16). It has also been covered by a number of artists.

Lucky Star - Covers and media appearances - Netflix

The 2000 album Virgin Voices: A Tribute To Madonna, Vol. 2 included a trip hop cover of the song by Switchblade Symphony. Heather Phares of Allmusic called it as one of the album's finest moments. A folk music cover of the song by Alexandra Hope was included on the 2007 Madonna tribute compilation Through the Wilderness. “Lucky Star” was featured in the 1988 movie Running on Empty in the scene where River Phoenix's character is in music class. It was used in the 2000 British movie Snatch, directed by Guy Ritchie who fathered a child with Madonna during the making of the film. The music video of “Lucky Star” was referenced in the 1994 film Pulp Fiction in the scene where Fabienne (played by Maria de Medeiros) tells her boyfriend (played by Bruce Willis) that she wants a pot belly “like Madonna when she did 'Lucky Star'.”

Lucky Star - References - Netflix