Takuto Hasegawa is a student at a very private Magician's Academy that is not on any map. When Takuto tries a summoning spell something goes very wrong and he accidentally creates a girl by the name of Tanarot who is very powerful, so powerful that she could destroy a whole country, but all is not lost as she pledges her loyalty to her creator, Takuto.

Macademi Wasshoi! - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 2008-10-05

Macademi Wasshoi! - Magician's Academy - Netflix

Magician's Academy (まじしゃんず・あかでみい, Majishanzu Akademii) is a Japanese light novel series by Ichirō Sakaki, with illustrations by Blade. Nine volumes were published between January 24, 2003 and August 30, 2007; there is also a series of seven illustrated short stories called Macademi Radical. A manga adaptation by Blade was serialized in Enterbrain's Magi-Cu magazine and released in one volume. Another manga adaptation by Hitomi Nakao was serialization in the seinen manga magazine Monthly Comic Alive between February 27, 2008 and November 27, 2009 and collected in three volumes. A 12-episode anime adaptation by Hal Film Maker Zexcs named Macademi Wasshoi! aired between October 2008 and December 2008.

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Takuto Hasegawa (羽瀬川 拓人, Hasegawa Takuto) Voiced by: Ami Koshimizu (anime) Described as being “Extremely normal in all fields.” The main male lead in the story who attends school in both the normal world and the magic world. During an incident on his retake summoning test he accidentally summoned Tanarotte. Most of the incidences he is in is usually caused by the antics of Tanarotte or being summoned by Sakuma for some mission (given the nickname Harem, which Takuto dislikes). He is normally the voice of reason and finds ways to get the answer without the use of violence. At the end of Episode 8 of the anime, Gabuyan and Agarin refer to Takuto as the 'Holy Mother', a being with the power to create Gods and Demons. Fablom has told Sagami that Takuto must be killed out of fear of him causing an upset of power between the Gods and Demons. Agarin and Byakarin spoke on his behalf though as his true powers haven't awakened yet. After witnessing his friends being hurt, in a fit of anger Takuto's powers awoke and he began to summon at least five monstrous beings (each emitting the cries of a newborn) before he was subdued by Gabriel and Agaliarept. It is suggested that Takuto is in fact immensely powerful as the pair suffer burns along their arms, and also join in on a plot to erase him from existence out of fear. Takuto may or may not recall this incident. Tanarotte rescues him from being erased from existence. It is revealed that Tanarotte is part of Takuto's soul. Suzuho Hasegawa (羽瀬川 鈴穂, Hasegawa Suzuho) Voiced by: Ui Miyazaki (anime) Described as being “Really shy. Takuto's sister-like-cousin. Boobs + Glasses” She is Takuto's cousin and is so shy that she is mute, communicating to others by writing on a sketch pad and hiding in various objects, the most common is a doll helmet which the eyes also move on their own. She too is a magic user like her cousin but she has a rare ability to suck the powers of any magic user around her when she unbraids her hair, turning a distinctive blue color which earned her the nickname from her terrified classmates “Midnight Blue Vampire.” But in this form she speaks rudely and has no strength other than a normal teenage girl, leading her to use a mechanical sword called 'Walpurgis', which with no magical properties isn't affected by her powers. It has been confirmed that she is another personality of Suzuho, she referred to Takuto as “ours”, and her blue haired personality was referred to as the other Suzuho. She clearly has affection for Takuto, blushing to his compliments and nearly destroying Magic Academy to get him back; because of this she moved in with Takuto now that he lives with Tanarotte to keep an eye on her. However anytime a character points that affection out, she gets extremely nervous. In episode 4 she becomes a student in the same school as Takuto where she is popular among the other female students because of the high-class high school she used to go to before this school. In episode 11, where Takuto is placed in alternated world. A world being made where Takuto wasn't a magician, Suzuho's copy suggested that the two have sex, as she will soon die, however Takuto refuses. The copy claims that her imminent death is due to the fact that one body cannot support two souls, in addition to her having suffered the injuries she took before Takuto awoke. Unlike in the “real world”, her copy is able to talk. Tanarotte (タナロット) Voiced by: Mariya Ise (anime) Described as being “Unknown”. A young, well-endowed, familiar that was summoned by Takuto but it is unknown if she is a god or a demon. Her magical power is over 100,000, divinity power 5,000, offensive power 5,000 and defensive power 78,000 and is physically strong as well, able to hold off a small army of Golem units with only a single hand. When first summoned she was running on pure animal-like instincts and tended to act like an affectionate cat around Takuto (only saying Myu, clinging to him while being completely naked, and licking his cheek). It wasn't till Takuto had named her (as she reminded him of a cat he once had named Tanarotte) that she calmed down and was able to talk. She is shown to have a genuine affection towards Takuto and treats her Familiar service to him as if they were a newly married couple, but her personality resembles that of an energetic child. It is later revealed that Tanarotte has the power to 'evolve' into either a god or a demon. Both the gods and demons are concerned by this as it could shift the already delicate balance between light and darkness to one side. A running gag is every time she is in a risqué scene, she is replaced with a claymation version for the TV version, while in the DVD version they are fully animated. In episode 4 she becomes a student in the same school as Takuto going by the name Tanarotte Unthirteen. Falcé the Variable Wand (ファルチェ・ザ・ヴァリアブルワンド) Voiced by: Yukari Fukui (anime) Also known as “Falcé the Variablewand”. When Falcé is in her 'humanoid' form, she has the appearance of a tall, well endowed woman with a pair of spiraled horns on either side of her head. She has a very ditsy and naive personality, calling herself the Demon King, though she is a female. Despite this, she is incredibly powerful (Magical power estimated to be around 58,000), able to use magic even when Suzuho is in her “Midnight Blue Vampire” form. She was the last and greatest masterpiece of a powerful dark magician and alchemist who died long ago leaving her alone without even naming her. When Takuto stumbled across her chamber during a training session, Falcé took him captive. After fighting with Tanarotte and Suzuho, she was defeated. Later she returned, having accepted Takuto as her new master. In episode 4 she uses her powers to transform into many class related objects (mechanical pencil, etc), though she transforms to her original form as a staff for Takuto, and also Tanarotte describes her as being Takuto's Dutch wife. Though she has genuine affection for Takuto, unlike Suzuho and Tanarotte she doesn't force her feelings onto him but rather comforts him from their antics, however she does go along with their ideas from time-to-time.

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