The trials and tribulations of a young couple who were married in spite of their families and their parents who earnestly want to prove to them that being together make the biggest mistake of your life ... Patrycja and Mirek seems that after taking the oath everything will be simple and beautiful, but for thanks to their parents becomes very complicated. Mirka mother could not come to terms with the departure of his son, and parents Patrycja the poorly educated son in law.

Mamuśki - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Polish

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2007-03-01

Mamuśki - Daria Widawska - Netflix

Daria Widawska (born 1977 in Gdańsk, Poland) is a Polish actress.

Mamuśki - Acting roles - Netflix

2008-2009: 39 i pół (as Anna) 2007 : Mamuśki (as Zyta) 2007 : Hania (as the preceptress) 2006 : Hela w opałach (as Zofia) 2006 : Faceci do wzięcia (as Basia Gołębiewska) 2006 : Egzamin z życia (as Adrianna) 2005 2007 : Magda M. (as Agata Bielecka) 2005 : Klinika samotnych serc (as Monika) 2004 : Na dobre i na złe (as Tomaszewska) 2003 : Tygrysy Europy (as Karolcia) 2003-2006 : Na Wspólnej (as receptionist) 2003 : M jak miłość (as Beata) 2000 : Twarze i maski (as the young actress) 1999 : Tygrysy Europy (as Karolcia)

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