The 18th century is a time of absolute monarchies, political intrigue and diplomacy through marriage. Love is a word that is not used frequently and certainly not associated with everyday life, let alone a marriage.\ \ At many European courts, life is at least joyful and enjoyable. At Vienna's Hofburg, however, it is cold, boring and uptight, dominated by Jesuit morals. A ruling Empress is not even imaginable. The beautiful blue-eyed blonde Maria Theresa is brought up for the usual fate of getting married for political reasons, being beautiful and giving birth to many children, perferably male ones.\ Ever since she was six years old, she has had a crush on Francis Stephen, the duke of Lorraine, not much different from a modern girl's feelings for a rock star or a movie star.\ \ Even according to today's standards Maria Theresa's and Francis Stephen's marriage is extremely modern: Maria Theresa was in charge of the affairs of state, while Francis Stephen spent much of his time with his children. Over the course of twenty years, Maria Theresa gave birth to sixteen children, thirteen of whom survived infancy.\ \ After several diplomatic failures and military defeats, Austria seemed to be declining, or even on the verge of collapse. After her forty-year reign, Maria Theresa left a revitalised empire that influenced the rest of Europe throughout the 19th century. She gave the Habsburg dominions an efficient administrative system that allowed it to remain a great power in its own right.

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Maria Theresa of Austria-Este (Maria Theresa Henriette Dorothee; 2 July 1849 – 3 February 1919) was the last Queen of Bavaria. She was the daughter and only child of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria-Este and his wife, Archduchess Elisabeth of Austria.

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On 20 February 1868, at St. Augustine's Church in Vienna, Maria Theresa married the future Ludwig III, last king of Bavaria. The couple had thirteen children: Rupprecht, Crown Prince of Bavaria (18 May 1869 – 2 August 1955). Princess Adelgunde (17 October 1870 – 4 January 1958), married on 20 January 1915 to Prince Wilhelm of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen. Princess Maria (6 July 1872 – 10 June 1954), married on 31 May 1897 to Prince Ferdinando Pius, Duke of Calabria. Prince Karl (1 April 1874 – 9 May 1927). Prince Franz (10 October 1875 – 25 January 1957), married on 8 July 1912 to Princess Isabella Antonie of Croÿ. Had issue. Princess Mathilde (17 August 1877 – 6 August 1906), married on 1 May 1900 to Prince Ludwig of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Prince Wolfgang (2 July 1879 – 31 January 1895). Princess Hildegarde (5 March 1881 – 2 February 1948). Princess Notburga (19 March 1883 – 24 March 1883). Princess Wiltrud (10 November 1884 – 28 March 1975), married on 26 November 1924 to Wilhelm, Duke of Urach. Princess Helmtrud (22 March 1886 – 23 June 1977). Princess Dietlinde (2 January 1888 – 14 February 1889), lived 13 months. Princess Gundelinde (26 August 1891 – 16 August 1983), married on 23 February 1919 to Johann Georg, Count von Preysing-Lichtenegg-Moos.


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