Mézga Aladár különös kalandjai - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Hungarian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: None

Mézga Aladár különös kalandjai - The Mézga Family - Netflix

The Mézga Family (in Hungarian Mézga család) is a fictional family from three animated TV series shot by PannóniaFilm studios, Hungary between 1969 and 1978. Scripts for the series were written by József Romhányi and József Nepp. Nepp also served as the film director. The series proved to be very popular, reaching cult status and televised, among others, in Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, The Netherlands and both German states. The series still regularly appear on television. Each consists of 13 episodes.

Mézga Aladár különös kalandjai - The Mézga family - Netflix

The first series was shot during 1968/1969 under the name Üzenet a jövőből – A Mézga család különös kalandjai (A message from the future – The fantastic adventures of the Mézga family). The family makes contact with MZ/X, their descendant from the 30th century, with whom child prodigy Aladár made a contact. MZ/X sends them, through the time, various hypermodern gadgets which invariably result in a disaster. (An example is when MZ/X sends them something that makes the fruits in the Mézga's fruit garden grow to an exceptional size. The family is happy with the enormous fruits until they realize that they forgot to kill the insects and other parasites, and they are chased away by gigantic locusts and worms. In another episode a house cleaning robot destroys the furniture because he doesn't understand commands in 20th century Hungarian language.) Episodes usually end with Paula's catch phrase “Why didn't I marry Pisti Hufnágel?”, implying that she often regrets she chose Géza over another suitor. In the third series she finally accepts that Hufnágel is not what she imagined him to be. The series were named Odkaz budoucnosti aneb Podivuhodná dobrodružství rodiny Smolíkovy in Czech, Messaggi dal futuro in Italian, Heißer Draht ins Jenseits – Phantastische Abenteuer der Familie Mézga in German, Невероятните приключения на Семейство Мейзга: Послания от Бъдещето in Bulgarian and Miazgovci I in Slovak.

Mézga Aladár különös kalandjai - References - Netflix