Whether strangled by an obsessive photographer or stabbed to death by a vindictive stalker, Model Killers takes viewers inside the grim, true stories of the men and women behind the glossy magazines--who met a not so glamorous end. The fast-paced, hard-partying model lifestyle can make these unsuspecting beauties a target for predators. Would these victims have been spared their tragic fate if they hadn't been blessed with such killer looks?

Model Killers - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2013-02-11

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The Bartle taxonomy of player types is a classification of video game players (gamers) based on a 1996 paper by Richard Bartle according to their preferred actions within the game. The classification originally described players of multiplayer online games (including MUDs and MMORPGs), though now it also refers to players of single-player video games. The taxonomy is based on a character theory. This character theory consists of four characters: Achievers, Explorers, Socializers, and Killers. These are imagined according to a quadrant model where the X axis represents preference for interacting with other players vs. exploring the world and the Y axis represents preference for interaction vs. unilateral action. A test known as Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology based on Bartle's taxonomy was created in 1999–2000 by Erwin Andreasen and Brandon Downey, containing a series of questions and an accompanying scoring formula. Although the test has met with some criticism for the dichotomous nature of its question-asking method, as of October 2011, it had been taken over 800,000 times. As at February 2018, the Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology hosted by GamerDNA is no longer available. Alternative online implementations of the test exist, however. The result of the Bartle Test is the “Bartle Quotient”, which is calculated based on the answers to a series of 30 random questions in the test, and totals 200% across all categories, with no single category exceeding 100%.

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Richard Bartle also created a version of his player types model that included a third axis of implicit/explicit, leading to eight player types. Achievers Planner (explicit) Opportunist (implicit) Explorers Scientist (explicit) Hacker (implicit) Socializers Networker (explicit) Friend (implicit) Killers Politician/“Den Mothers” (explicit) Griefer (implicit) According to Bartle: “The 4-part version is easy to draw because it's 2D, but the 8-part one is 3D; it's therefore much harder to draw in such a way as it doesn't collapse in a mass of lines.” There is no known online test based on this model.

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