Based on the manga by Sorano Kairi serialised in Comic Blade Avarus. Akira Nikaido is a typical slacker high school student who thinks he has a normal life--until a mysterious man called Shirogane appears and tells him to meet him at the school that night. He is skeptical but goes anyway...and gets attacked by a shadow monster! Shirogane convinces him that the balance between the human world and the shadow world has been distorted, and that Akira must become a shin--a creature of the shadow world--in order to help restore the balance.

Monochrome Factor - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 24 minutes

Premier: 2008-04-07

Monochrome Factor - A.C.G.T - Netflix

A・C・G・T is a Japanese animation production company, founded in 2001 by former Triangle Staff members. It has been involved in the development of many series, predominantly contributing to other studios and adapting works based on light novels and manga. It is a subsidiary of OB Planning, which handles executive production on many of its series. A.C.G.T also works regularly with Genco, which at times provides executive production while A.C.G.T completes animation production.

Monochrome Factor - Television series - Netflix

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