The series revolves around a secret Mossad compound called 'HaMidrasha', which is surrounded by surveillance cameras and is equipped with technological devices. The compound operates a training course in which 13 trainees are sent to complicated missions in order to test their suitability for the occupation, and their improvisation, seduction and impersonation abilities. Yonna, the commander of the course, criticizes the mediocrity of Mossad's agents and demands from the new trainees a higher level of execution. He decides to create a new training program to test his trainees via unusual and radical situations, in which, apart from excellence, Yonna demands a creative "out of the box" thinking.

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Type: Scripted

Languages: Hebrew

Status: Running

Runtime: 40 minutes

Premier: 2015-10-31

Mossad 101 - Sayeret Matkal - Netflix

General Staff Reconnaissance Unit or Unit 269, more commonly known as Sayeret Matkal (Hebrew: סיירת מטכ"ל‬) is a special forces unit of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). First and foremost a field intelligence-gathering unit, conducting deep reconnaissance behind enemy lines to obtain strategic intelligence, Sayeret Matkal is also tasked with counter-terrorism and hostage rescue beyond Israel's borders. The unit is modeled after the British Army's Special Air Service, taking the unit's motto “Who Dares, Wins”. The unit is the Israeli equivalent of Delta Force of the United States. It is directly subordinate to the IDF's Directorate of Military Intelligence.

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