Nai Hoi is married to Kumkaew's sister and his job is to take the village buffalo out to the city to sell and kill them. His wife is very sick and she really doesn't like the fact that he does this. There are many young village people that want to be a Nai Hoi. Anyway, his wife dies while he is away on one of these expeditions. Kumkaew blames him cause hewouldn't listen to her. Her sister also leaves Nai Hoi to her care and she vows never to let him have another wife.\ \ Nai Hoi and his people travel from the countryside to the city to sell the buffaloes they have and along the way, they meet villains trying to steal and kill the buffaloes. Kumkaew goes with him to keep him away from other women.

Nai Hoi Tamin - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Thai

Status: Running

Runtime: 130 minutes

Premier: 2017-09-25

Nai Hoi Tamin - Sarawak state election, 2011 - Netflix

The tenth Sarawak state election was held on Saturday, 16 April 2011 after nomination for candidates on Wednesday, 6 April 2011. The purpose of the election was to elect 71 representatives to the Sarawak State Assembly. The ninth state assembly was dissolved by Yang di-Pertua Negeri Sarawak, Tun Abang Muhammad Salahuddin Abang Barieng on the advice of Chief Minister Abdul Taib Mahmud on 21 March 2011. The previous state election in Sarawak was held in 2006. The election resulted in Barisan Nasional (BN) retaining its two-thirds majority, albeit by a reduced margin. BN lost eight seats, mainly through the Sarawak United People's Party (SUPP). SUPP leader and deputy chief minister George Chan Hong Nam lost his seat. The opposition Pakatan Rakyat made gains, but fell short of its goal to deny a two-thirds majority for BN. The party with the single biggest gain on the day was the Democratic Action Party (DAP), which doubled its seats to 12. Taib, who had served as Chief Minister for 30 years, was sworn in for his eighth term on the same night. Wong Ho Leng was reappointed as opposition leader after his party (DAP) won the most number of seats for the opposition bench. Before this, Baru Bian was being nominated as chief minister-in-waiting by Pakatan Rakyat.

Nai Hoi Tamin - Aftermath - Netflix

As the DAP remained the largest opposition party in the assembly, its state chief Wong Ho Leng kept his position as state opposition leader. Meanwhile, PKR decided to petition the Elections Court to declare the Senadin contest null and void, citing irregularities during the polling process. SUPP candidate Lee Kim Shin beat PKR's Michael Teo in the contest by 58 votes. Election observers have alleged abuse of postal votes in the constituency by authorities to help Lee win.

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