Comedy sketch programme starring Gregor Fisher, Andy Gray, Tony Roper and Jonathan Watson.

Naked Video - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 25 minutes

Premier: 1986-05-12

Naked Video - Naked Continent - Netflix

Naked Continent (裸の大陸) is an award-winning Japanese adult video (AV) from 2006 which spawned a series of seven sequels.

Naked Video - Charity project - Netflix

At a press conference in Shinjuku, Tokyo held in August 2008 by Natural High to promote the Naked Continent Charity Project video, the company announced they would be taking part in a charity project in Kenya. Sakkun, the director of the “Naked Continent” series, said he was struck by the poverty of children in Africa in his previous trips to the continent and he wanted to do something to help. The company was turned down by some charitable groups but found one organization who was interested, the Musona Self Help Group (MSHG), which helps orphans in western Kenya. Natural High donated 1 million yen (about $10,000) to the group with a further donation of 1000 yen (about $10) for each copy of the Naked Continent Charity Project DVD sold. However, after returning from Africa and editing the video, Natural High ran into problems. Japanese AV producers belong to one of several voluntary ethics organizations which police video content and the mosaic pixelation to obscure the genitals required in Japan. Natural High, like other SOD companies, belongs to the Content Soft Association (CSA) which was created by Soft On Demand. CSA insisted that the company use the mosaic on the faces of all children shown in the video since the video also contained sex scenes (the children were not present at any of the sex scenes). Director Sakkun said it was sad that all the children's smiling faces would have to be obscured. When English-language versions of the Japanese articles about the video appeared, they prompted commentary and expressions of moral outrage (from several different perspectives) about pornography and exploitation. These accounts all state or assume that the actress is having sex with “tribesmen”, something not found in the original Japanese articles or the Natural High descriptions.

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