In Nobody's Inn, couples bid to prove they can make it as pub landlords, hoping to win the chance to start afresh with their names over the door of a profitable establishment.

Nobody's Inn - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2006-06-26

Nobody's Inn - The Nobody - Netflix

The Nobody is a graphic novel created by cartoonist Jeff Lemire. It was first published in a hardcover format by Vertigo Comics in July 2009. It is a retelling of the H.G. Wells novel The Invisible Man, recasting the bandaged stranger as a modern-day drifter. His presence in a small-town American fishing village creates a frenzy that unwraps and exposes the scarred underside to their own secrets. Lemire believed Wells' character was an ideal way to “explore themes of identity, rural life, community and paranoia”. In a review for Oregon Live, Steve Duin said there was a “lot to like” about The Nobody, but that it was not as good as Lemire's previous work, Essex County.

Nobody's Inn - Synopsis - Netflix

In 1994, the mysterious drifter John Griffen enters the small town of Large Mouth. As he walks through town, the passing townsfolk are shocked and somewhat disturbed by Griffens appearance, as he is wrapped head to toe in bandages and wears pitch-black goggles over his eyes. He eventually reaches the local motel and requests a room, his appearance scaring the inn keeper June Jaques. A few days later, June tells other locals at Big Reg's Diner of her encounter with Griffen, but is only met with skepticism. Reg, owner of the diner, and Teddy “Henfrey”, another local, try to reason with her that Griffen can't be as bad as she claims, although she tries to explain that his secretive nature is very suspicious.

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