With its continuing focus solely on the most popular of all big-game species, North American Whitetail remains among the most popular shows on outdoors television. Co-hosts Stan Potts and Gordon Whittington join renowned deer researcher, Dr. James Kroll, North American Whitetail magazine editor Patrick Hogan and fellow expert hunters Mike Clerkin and Brent Beimert in sharing amazing hunts with bow and gun. Among each show's special segments are viewer-submitted videos and photos, tips on whitetail behavior and management and profiles of all-time legendary bucks.

North American Whitetail - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2004-06-29

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Libellula is a genus of dragonflies, commonly called skimmers, in the family Libellulidae, distributed throughout the temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere. Most species are found in the United States, where they are the best-known large dragonflies, often seen flying over freshwater ponds in summer. Many have showy wing patterns.

North American Whitetail - Species - Netflix

Except as otherwise noted, species are native to North America. Libellula angelina Selys, 1883 (North China, Japan) Libellula auripennis Burmeister, 1839 – golden-winged skimmer (North and Central America) Libellula axilena Westwood, 1837 – bar-winged skimmer Libellula brodieri† Libellula calypso† Libellula comanche Calvert, 1907 – Comanche skimmer Libellula composita Hagen, 1873 – bleached skimmer Libellula croceipennis Selys, 1869 – neon skimmer (North and Central America) Libellula cyanea Fabricius, 1775 – spangled skimmer Libellula depressa Linnaeus, 1758 – broad-bodied chaser (Europe, West Asia). Sometimes included in the genus Ladona. Libellula doris † Libellula eusebioi† Libellula flavida Rambur, 1842 – yellow-sided skimmer Libellula foliata Kirby, 1889 (Mexico) Libellula forensis Hagen, 1861 – eight-spotted skimmer Libellula fulva Müller, 1764 – scarce chaser Libellula gaigei Gloyd, 1938 (Central America) Libellula herculea Karsch, 1889 (Central and South America) Libellula incesta Hagen, 1861 – slaty skimmer Libellula jesseana Williamson, 1922 – purple skimmer Libellula kieseli† Libellula luctuosa Burmeister, 1839 – widow skimmer Libellula mariae Garrison, 1992 (Central America) Libellula martini† Libellula melli Schmidt, 1948 (China) Libellula melobasis† Libellula needhami Westfall, 1943 – Needham's skimmer Libellula nodisticta Hagen, 1861 – hoary skimmer Libellula pannewitziana† Libellula perse† Libellula pontica Selys, 1887 – red chaser (Armenia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kyrgyzstan, Syria, Turkey) Libellula pulchella Drury, 1773 – twelve-spotted skimmer Libellula quadrimaculata Linnaeus, 1758 – four-spotted skimmer or four-spotted chaser (Europe and North America) Libellula saturata Uhler, 1857 – flame skimmer Libellula semifasciata Burmeister, 1839 – painted skimmer Libellula sieboldiana† Libellula thetis† Libellula thoe† Libellula ukrainensis† Libellula vibrans Fabricius, 1793 – great blue skimmer

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