Stonehenge is one of the most enigmatic and fascinating historical sites that Britain has to offer, largely because historians have little idea what the huge stone monoliths were for, or how they got there. There's no end of theories, but none of them so far have been conclusive. Recent revolutionary research has just been undertaken which, over the course of four years, has yielded some fascinating insights into the site. Drawing on this new data, archaeologists might finally be able to put to bed some of its mysteries. This two-part programme reveals the project's findings.

Operation Stonehenge: What Lies Beneath - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2014-09-11

Operation Stonehenge: What Lies Beneath - Miles Russell - Netflix

Miles Russell, (born 8 April 1967) is a British archaeologist best known for his work and publications on the prehistoric and Roman periods and for his appearances in television programmes such as Time Team and Harry Hill's TV Burp.

Operation Stonehenge: What Lies Beneath - Personal life - Netflix

Russell was born and educated in Brighton, England, and moved to Bournemouth in 1993 where he has lectured at Bournemouth University and, since 2009, has worked on the Duropolis “Big Dig” with co-directors Paul Cheetham and Harry Manley. He has written 13 books, covering the Neolithic and Roman periods and has appeared numerous times on television, most notably, the Channel 4 television series Time Team alongside Dr Alice Roberts and presenter Tony Robinson.

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