Paulus de Boskabouter - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: Dutch

Status: Ended

Runtime: 5 minutes

Premier: None

Paulus de Boskabouter - Paulus the woodgnome - Netflix

Paulus the woodgnome (Dutch: Paulus de boskabouter) was a Dutch newspaper comic strip, which ran between 1946 and 1984. Its popularity inspired a series of children's novels, a radio series and a television puppet series. It was created by Jan van Oort (pseudonym Jean Dulieu), who personally made all adaptations of his work. Paulus was translated into German, English, Swedish and Japanese.

Paulus de Boskabouter - Radio series - Netflix

Between 1955 and 1964 Paulus de boskabouter was adapted for VARA radio as a series of audio plays. 900 episodes were made. Jean Dulieu did all the voices personally, except for Prinses Priegeltje, which was done by his daughter Dorinde van Oort. The theme music was “Dance of an ostracised imp” by Frederic Curzon. Several episodes were released on vinyl records and in the 2000s some were also made available on CD.

Paulus de Boskabouter - References - Netflix