Pizzais a series about a pizza shop and its wild employees. Pizza is based on the lives of five Ethnic people and one Australian pot-head. Pauly, the obsessed rev head who claimed he was a once professional boxer and wrestler, who works at the Fat Pizza shop and gets paid three dollars an hour is constantly told off by his boss, gets into fights with people, does burnouts in his car and loves pick up the ladies. Sleek, the amusing Lebanese rapper who claims he rapped with Eminem, Snoop Dogg and 2pac, picks up chicks, dealing and using drugs, gets into trouble with the police constantly with his gang and rapping in his car. And BoBo, the hilariously feared boss of the Fat Pizza shop.

Pizza - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2000-04-24

Pizza - Blaze Pizza - Netflix

Blaze Pizza LLC is a Pasadena, California-based chain within the fast-casual dining restaurants category. Founded in 2011 by Elise and Rick Wetzel of Wetzel’s Pretzels, Blaze Pizza was modeled after the Chipotle concept as a made-to-order approach to serving customers. National Basketball Association (NBA) champion LeBron James is one of the original investors in the chain, which is touted by Bloomberg “as the next Chipotle”. Blaze Pizza was ranked as the #2 brand in the 2015 Fast Casual Top 100. Besides competing against traditional pizza restaurants, such as Pizza Hut and Sbarros, and quick service fast casual, such as Chipotle Mexican Grill and Panda Express, Blaze Pizza competes directly with similar sized MOD Pizza, Pieology & Pizza Rev and also with much smaller quick service pizza restaurant chains such as Azzip Pizza, Pie Five, and Chipotle-backed Pizzeria Locale.

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In addition to their eight featured Signature Pizzas, a Build-Your-Own option is included. Blaze offers more than 40 fresh toppings to choose from; and at a cost of about $8 plus tax. Each restaurant makes its own dough in-house from scratch. Dough is fermented in the restaurant for 24 hours before use. Blaze offers an optional gluten-free dough and vegan cheese. Executive Chef Brad Kent, a Culinary Institute of America in New York graduate with a degree in food science and nutrition, is responsible for creating Blaze Pizza’s dough and signature recipes. In 2013, a writer for Zagat Guide praised Kent's work by writing “Chef Kent's pizzas are darn near perfect.” Salads, S'more pies and blood orange lemonade are among other products listed among the menu. The company had also introduced online ordering to help minimize lines. Where permitted by local alcoholic beverages laws, some franchises also serve beer. Since 2014, the company hosts its annual Pi Day every March 14 (sometimes abbreviated as 3/14) in which all personal pizzas are sold at the discounted price of $3.14 plus tax. In August 2016, the company began to offer Agua Fresca soft drinks that are made in house with real fruit. In addition to the S'more Pies, Blaze began to offer chocolate chip cookies and brownies, both of which are cooked in the same oven that is used to cook the pizzas, for dessert in November 2016. In June 2017, Blaze Pizza partnered with the (RED) foundation, renaming its classic red vine pizza to (RED) vine pizza. For every (RED) vine pizza sold during that month, Blaze donated $1 to the (RED) foundation, up to a maximum of $50,000, to help HIV/AIDS research.

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