Q.T. Hush is an American animated cartoon appearing in syndication beginning on 24 September 1960.

Q.T. Hush - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 1960-09-24

Q.T. Hush - Q. T. Hush - Netflix

Q.T. Hush is an American animated cartoon produced in 1960 and appearing in syndication, beginning on 24 September 1960. The show's 100 three-and-a-half-minute episodes, all in color, were directed by veteran animator Rudy Cataldi, and produced by a company called Animation Associates. The main character was voiced by veteran voice actor Dallas McKennon. All of the episodes survive. Each episode ended in a “cliffhanger”. Ten episodes would equal one half-hour show. Q.T. Hush was the first television cartoon designed to run as a half-hour show highlighting a single character. At the time, Hanna Barbera showcased three individual cartoons in a half-hour program.

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Q.T. was a private detective with two assistants, his bloodhound Shamus (who, like Q.T., wore a deerstalker hat) and Quincy, who wore a trench coat, slouch hat and smoked cigars. Quincy was actually Q.T.'s shadow and could not only speak but slide under doors as well. As with many private eyes, Hush had a love-hate relationship with the local police in the form of Chief Muldoon. Aside from the serial aspect and being one of the few color cartoons of its era, Q.T. was famous for inventing the cell phone (a pocket radio that could be used to call conventional land lines) and the fax machine (QT could shove documents into a phone mouthpiece and have the identical document appear in the receiver of who he was speaking with). His initials reinforced his surname by invoking the old expression for quiet secrecy, “on the Q.T.”

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