Four paws, two ears, one wet nose, two gorgeous if gormless eyes, a tail which wags offbeat, a scent quicker than a sewing machine, a brain like a sieve, as logical as a loaf of bread, with an excessive appetite for soap? You probably know who we mean: the Mozart of misfortune, the Shakespeare of shambles, the Rembrandt of ridicule: in short, the stupidest dog in the West, adored by everyone from 7 to 77 years old: Rantanplan!

Rantanplan - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: French

Status: Ended

Runtime: 2 minutes

Premier: 2006-09-06

Rantanplan - Go West! A Lucky Luke Adventure - Netflix

Go West! A Lucky Luke Adventure (also known as Tous à l'Ouest : Une aventure de Lucky Luke in French) is a French animated feature film, directed by Olivier Jean-Marie, and was based on Lucky Luke, a Franco-Belgian comic book series created by the Belgian cartoonist, Morris. It was released in theatres on 5 December 2007.

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