On React: Do They Know It? each episode of this web series questions teens or adults on their knowledge to see if they can name a actor, singer, song, game etc.

React: Do They Know It? - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2015-04-02

React: Do They Know It? - Fine Brothers - Netflix

Fine Brothers Entertainment (FBE) is an American media company, founded by brothers Benny Fine (born March 19, 1981) and Rafi Fine (born June 9, 1983), creators and media entrepreneurs. FBE is best known for their React video series, their several timed-spoiler series, narrative web series, as well as creating a “transmedia” sitcom on YouTube, MyMusic. The Fine Brothers have been creating content since 2004, and FBE has many large digital channels on YouTube (REACT, FBE, FBE2) and Facebook (FBE, FBE Shows, Do They Know It, What Would My Kid Do, and Reverse Ratings), has sold multiple television shows (React to That, Celebs React, Six Degrees of Everything, Emo Dad, and Sing It!), and released their first feature film in 2017 (F the Prom). The Fine Brothers channel has over 6.6 billion views and well over 17 million subscribers. Due to a controversy over an attempt to license and trademark the term “React”, as well as the names of their series, the Fine Brothers' channels lost hundreds of thousands of subscribers in early 2016. However, the Fine Brothers' channel regained their former subscriber numbers by May 2016.

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