In this season of Red Arrow, Kip again delivers the shooting and archery skills, along with his brand of comedy, that viewers have come to expect! Red Arrow continues to be a show that exemplifies how much hunting is part of our culture that it is rooted deep in this great country of ours, and is centered around God and family. Red Arrow's southern roots have this same foundation, and this show is as real as it gets! The show is mainly bow hunting with the occasional firearm hunt thrown in the mix. Join Kip for his very best whitetail season to date, killing more and bigger whitetail than ever before, and have some fun while you're at it!

Red Arrow - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2009-06-28

Red Arrow - Red Arrow Camp - Netflix

Red Arrow Camp is a boys camp on Trout Lake in northern Wisconsin. Red Arrow's mission is to provide a fun summer experience while helping good boys on their journey to becoming good men. This is accomplished through an organized program of sports and adventure with age-appropriate challenges. Founded in 1920, the name for camp is derived from the 32nd, or Red Arrow, division of the Wisconsin Infantry during World War I, in which the camp's founder “Razz” served. From 1968 until 2012, Bob and Sue Krohn owned and operated camp, providing a very compatible, happy and ideal marriage of tradition, experience, education and energy. In 2012, the Krohns sold camp to the Red Arrow Camp Foundation to ensure that the camp and its traditions would continue into the next generation. Notable alumni include Tommy Bartlett, Chris Farley and Scott Foley.

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Besides the regular program of activities, special events are also an integral part of camp life at RAC. Special events include a 4th of July celebration complete with lumberjack games, a large fireworks display, and a dance with one of the neighboring girls' camps. On Aquagatta the campers are divided into teams, and compete in a large treasure hunt followed by various unique waterfront contests. The girls from various other camps come to RAC for Carnival to enjoy the fun carnival-themed booths that each cabin designs for the day. On the final weekend of camp, there is RAC's version of the Olympics, as well as a flag-football extravaganza called Salad Bowl. Perhaps the highlight of camp is the Camp Play, an original work created especially for camp each year. Over 75% of the campers voluntarily participate in this energetic production, and dazzle the family, friends and alumni who pack the house each year.

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