The people of Cornwall are proud of the fact that they do things differently, and the Christmas celebrations in this beautiful part of England have their own unique flavours and sounds. Home for a while from his world-wide travel adventures, Rick Stein has a chance to enjoy Christmas in his beloved adopted county.

Rick Stein's Cornish Christmas - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2010-12-02

Rick Stein's Cornish Christmas - Cornish nationalism - Netflix

Cornish nationalism is a cultural, political and social movement that seeks the recognition of Cornwall – the south-westernmost part of the island of Great Britain – as a nation distinct from England. It is usually based on three general arguments: that Cornwall has a Celtic cultural identity separate from that of England, and that the Cornish people have a national, civic or ethnic identity separate from that of English people; that Cornwall should be granted a degree of devolution or autonomy, usually in the form of a Cornish national assembly; and that Cornwall is legally a territorial and constitutional Duchy with the right to veto Westminster legislation, not merely a county of England, and has never been formally incorporated into England via an Act of Union.

Rick Stein's Cornish Christmas - Distinct cultural, national or ethnic identity - Netflix

In 2001, campaigners prevailed upon the UK census to count Cornish ethnicity as a write-in option on the national census, although there was no separate Cornish tick box.. In 2004 school children in Cornwall could also record their ethnicity as Cornish on the schools census. In 2004, a campaign was started to field a Cornish national team in the 2006 Commonwealth Games. However, in 2006, the Commonwealth Games Federation stated that “Cornwall is no more than an English county”. The concept that the Cornish are a separate ethnicity is sometimes tied up with the notion that the Cornish are of Celtic origin, an ethnic minority distinct from people in the rest of England. In 2011, an e-petition directed at Westminster was launched. "This petition calls for signatures to raise the issue of the “Cornish Identity” in Parliament and aims to have Cornwall recognised as a National Minority.." This petition has now closed, it received 851 signatures, (99,149 less than the 100,000 needed for the matter to be considered for debate in the House of Commons.) In September 2011, George Eustice, Conservative Member of Parliament for Camborne and Redruth, argued that Cornwall's heritage should be administered by a Cornish organisation rather than English Heritage. On 24 April 2014 the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, announced that the Cornish people had been granted minority status under the Council of Europe's framework for the protection of national minorities, the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities.

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