Although Mechanicals and Organics toil away side by side at the blinking lights factory, in this land of beating hearts and motherboards, Robot and Monster make a bit of an odd couple. Robot is serious and Monster's a goof, but that doesn't keep them from being best friends. Like toast and eggs, they do everything together, testing gadgets, raising their pet Marf, dreaming of J.D. and dodging the annoying Ogo and the arrogant Gart. They're also on a mission to make Robot the world's most famous inventor! Join them on their journey and be sure to pack plenty of their favorite snack: BACON!

Robot and Monster - Netflix

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2012-08-04

Robot and Monster - Robot and Monster - Netflix

Robot and Monster is an American CGI animated television series created by Dave Pressler, Joshua Sternin and J.R. Ventimilia. Main characters Robot and Monster are voiced by Curtis Armstrong and comedian Harland Williams, respectively. It began production in 2009 and was ordered for a full 26-episode season in 2010, before finally premiering on Nickelodeon on August 4, 2012. The entire series was released on DVD in 2014. The series was taken off Nickelodeon the same year it premiered and the remaining episodes aired on Nicktoons. One episode remains unaired but it was still released on a 2014 DVD. The complete series was made available for streaming as part of Nickelodeon's Noggin app in March 2015.

Robot and Monster - Recurring - Netflix

J.D. (Megan Hilty) is a cool, rebellious biker chick whose best friend is her equally hip robotic bike Spitfire. Robot, Monster and nearly every guy at the Makin' Bacon have a huge crush on her. Spitfire (Cree Summer) is JD's equally hip robotic bike. They are inseparable best friends and regulars at the local bacon joint, Makin' Bacon. JD can be hot-headed at times while Spitfire is more rational and willing to avoid fights. Spitfire can be bossy, as stated in “Biker Girls”. Robot has shown slight interest in Spitfire before. Gart Default (Maurice LaMarche) is Robot's arrogant, overbearing older brother. He is a narcissist and is always taunting Robot. He runs their family's Blinking Light factory. He is gold tinted, is shinier than Robot, has six wheels for feet, while Robot has four, and has actual hands as opposed to Robot's claws. Nessie (Rhea Perlman) is the six-tentacled owner and manager of the Makin' Bacon. Punch Morley (Fred Tatasciore) was once a Pole-O player and then he retired. He is now the handyman at the Blinking light factory. He has had short-term memory loss ever since he hit his head with a pole from a Pole-O game. Crikey (Nolan North) is a robot who speaks in a Cockney accent. He also has an identical cousin named Blimey and usually torments Robot & Monster and gets beaten up by J.D. and Spitfire in a few episodes. Mr. Wheelie (Kurtwood Smith) is Robot and Monster's landlord with a big blue head and bicycle wheels for feet. He threatens to kick Robot and Monster out of their apartment if he finds their pet Marf, since pets are not allowed. Master Grabmirist (Ping Wu) is a Sensei who meets up with Robot & Monster whenever they need help. Hal Worth-a-ton (Nolan North) is a Texan-accented salesman who lies about his products on the tube. Pendulum Depot (Nolan North) is a Mechanical who owns the Solid Light Factory and is the main rival to the Defaults and their Blinking Light Factory. He plans on stealing the Default's Blinking Light Formula, and make them out of business. He usually carries around a rocket umbrella for show. Arpa Default (April Winchell) is Gart and Robot's mother whose arrogance Gart takes after. Grandma Default (April Winchell) is Gart and Robot's grandmother and Arpa's mother, a cranky family member who speaks computer binary (says only “one” and “zero”) and hates Organics. Gizmo Default (Alan Tudyk) is Robot's crazy cousin who talks to imaginary people and is considered an embarrassment to the Default family. Uncle Kuffley Krumholtz (Nolan North) is Monster's loud-mouth uncle who is a police officer and a teacher of the Traffic Walking School. Globitha Krumholtz (Cree Summer) is Monster's hyperactive child sister who has a large (and annoying) affection towards Robot (Much to Monster's jealousy). Still, Monster shows her his affection/empathy. Robot does not want her to help him with inventions because she ruins everything she touches. Lev Krumholtz (Bill Fagerbakke) is Monster's dad whose horns are bigger than him. His horns make him talented but are revealed to be false in “Hornica”. Lucy (Jennifer Cody) is a Mechanical who is Robot's long-time rival. To outsmart Robot in a contest to make a two-color blinking light, she befriended Ogo so she can use his brain as a processor chip to power the blinking light in “Ogo's Friend”. She always denies Robot's existence, saying that she has no idea who he is. The Prince of Scamtown (Fred Tatasciore) is a Mechanical who is of royal descent. He is generous despite his name. In “The Prince of Scamtown”, Robot does not believe he is an actual prince although Monster does. Loudmouth (Maurice LaMarche) is a tiny but very angry Mechanical who is one of Robot and Monster's co-workers at the Blinking Lights Factory. Snap Winsome (Jeff Bennett) is an Organic and the host of various shows such as That's Amazing! and Ow! That Hurts!. Dame Lady Madame (Ruth Williamson) is a prestigious female Mechanical of high-society. Bea Holder (Harriet Sansom Harris) is a cycloptic Organic who is a trendsetter. Howly (Maurice LaMarche) is a cyber monkey that flies into rage when having photos taken. Monster befriended it in “The Dark Night”. Lil' Lugnuts (Nolan North) is an Organic and was Monster's idol until Robot found that Lil' Lugnuts was actually a criminal. Katie (Carol Ann Susi) is a mechanical lady, and the owner of Narf. She finds Robot and Monster to be annoying, and thinks Marf is a stupid name. The Organic Pole-O Players are a series of players who seem to dislike Robot, Monster, and Punch Morley.

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