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Rot Op Naar Je Eigen Land - Eurosonic Noorderslag - Netflix

Eurosonic Noorderslag is an annual four-day music showcase festival and conference held in January in Groningen, Netherlands. The first three days of the festival (Eurosonic) feature artists from all over Europe, the last day of the festival (Noorderslag) features only Dutch artists. The conference is held during all four days of the event. Several awards are presented during Eurosonic Noorderslag: the European Border Breakers Awards (EBBA) , the European Festivals Awards, the Buma Cultuur Pop Award (Popprijs), the Pop Media Award (Pop Media Prijs), The Feather (De Veer), the “Iron Venue and Festival Animals” (Ijzeren Podiumdieren) and the Buma Music Meets Tech Award.

Rot Op Naar Je Eigen Land - Grunnsonic and unofficial events during Eurosonic Noorderslag - Netflix

In 2007 Grunnsonic was added to Eurosonic Noorderslag as a third festival. It offers artists from Groningen the chance to showcase in front of an international audience. Though the performances taking place under the name Grunnsonic are listed on the Eurosonic Noorderslag website and the participating artists are considered to be participating in Eurosonic Noorderslag, a Eurosonic Noorderslag ticket or conference registration is not required to visit Grunnsonic performances. With the exception of Eurosonic Air and Grunnsonic, the performances of Eurosonic Noorderslag can only be visited by people who have bought tickets or are participating in the conference. Simultaneously free concerts are organized all over the city centre in pubs, bar dancings, art galleries.

Rot Op Naar Je Eigen Land - References - Netflix