Secret Dealers is recorded with members of the public in their homes. Homeowners have to choose between sentimental attachment and money offers for their possessions. Three antiques dealers go into their homes to bid for items they want to buy. Independent valuers put an estimate on how much they think the items are worth. This figure is revealed to the seller and the audience at home. Items are found by the dealers, who make their own valuation and try to purchase them by placing a cash offer on items around the home and give some advice or information on the Antiques.

Secret Dealers - Netflix

Type: Game Show

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2010-09-27

Secret Dealers - Dickinson's Real Deal - Netflix

Dickinson's Real Deal is a UK modern antiques and collectables television programme presented by David Dickinson. It is broadcast on ITV as part of the afternoon schedule. A US version of the show, produced by Zodiak USA and titled simply Real Deal, was aired for one series on the History Channel. The format was the same except that the US show lacked the on-screen host for intervention on the deals.

Secret Dealers - The dealers - Netflix

Dealers featured in the series have included; Alison Chapman Henry Nicholls Cheryl Brown Karen Dalmeny Jo Brayshaw Brenda Haller Cheryl Hakeney Tim Hogarth Simon Schneider Stewart Hofgartner Ian Towning Mike Melody David Hakeney Michael Hogben Clive Attrell Jan Keyne Rob Bingham Monty English James Layte Alistair Lamont David Tupman David Ford George Baldwin Helen Gardiner Anna Rennie Tony Geering Fay Rutter Jon O'Marah Chris Skitch Aidan Pass Corrie Jeffrey Alys Dobbie

Secret Dealers - References - Netflix