The National Trust is opening its doors to Channel 5 for the first time.

Secrets of the National Trust explores stunning estates, historic houses and miles of breath-taking landscapes and coastlines. The six-part series highlights the conservation work of the National Trust and showcase their spectacular buildings and gardens from across the UK.

Viewers will gain a rare perspective of some of Britain's most valuable heritage sites and discover hidden treasures that are often unseen by the public.

Secrets of the National Trust - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2017-02-07

Secrets of the National Trust - The National Trust (band) - Netflix

The National Trust is a Philadelphia soul, neo soul musical project formed in 1999 in Chicago, Illinois.

Secrets of the National Trust - History - Netflix

While only officially formed in the late 90's, The National Trust can trace its history back to 1990 through band leader, composer and guitarist Neil Rosario's previous bands Dolomite and Fifteen Couples. After the breakup of Fifteen Couples in 1999, Rosario teamed up with Andy Cunningham (ex-Fifteen Couples guitarist), Doug Demers (ex-Dolomite bassist), vocalist/guitarist Mark Henning (ex-Zoom), and Bryan Aldrin. While still working on material the band signed with record label Thrill Jockey, which released their first song “Make It Happen”. They then entered Chicago's Clava studios with producer Brian Deck to begin recording their debut album. In June 2002, after Rosario returned to Chicago from his fathers funeral in Las Vegas, he and Deck spent what has been reported as 500 hours in the studio putting the finishing touches to their debut album Dekkagar, which was released on April 9, 2002. The National Trust's second album Kings and Queens was released on January 24, 2006.

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