"SHADOW OPS" reveals true tales of high-stakes spy games from agents who risked their lives in global espionage. Interviews with former CIA, FBI, KGB, and MI6 agents take viewers inside spell-binding narratives while fly-on-the-wall recreations and a digest of spy gadgets and tactics transport viewers right into the action. Produced by one of the few production companies granted permission to film inside the CIA's headquarters, "SHADOW OPS" is gritty, tense and fascinating. (Source: The Military Channel)

Shadow Ops - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2013-05-27

Shadow Ops - Myke Cole - Netflix

Myke Cole is an American fantasy writer. His work has been published in the United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic as well as North America. His debut novel, Shadow Ops: Control Point won the 2013 Compton Crook Award. In addition to writing, he serves in the United States Coast Guard Reserve and works for the NYPD. Myke Cole currently serves as a Lieutenant (O-3) in the US Coast Guard Reserve, commanding a boat squadron responsible for search and rescue and maritime law enforcement in the waters around New York. He was activated to serve during the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, and Hurricanes Sandy and Irene. Myke Cole served in Iraq, two tours as a security contractor and a third as a Department of Defense civilian. Multiple reviewers have commented on his military service, generally when noting the accuracy of his portrayal of life in the military or on a military base. After completing a second trilogy in the Shadow Ops series with the publication of Siege Line in October 2017, Myke Cole is now working on the Sacred Throne trilogy, a new epic fantasy series unconnected to the Shadow Ops series. The first volume, The Armored Saint, is going to be released in February 2018. He is one of the investigators on the CBS reality show Hunted.

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