A police officer investigating a series of murders questions a young lady who has been seen at several of the murder scenes. It later turns out that they are being committed by a prisoner that have escaped from a interstellar space ship and she is there to hunt the prisoner down. Her spaceship is destroyed after she helps him and she ends up staying on Earth and helping him while looking for a way off world.

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 1988-10-21

Something is Out There - Day of the Animals - Netflix

Day of the Animals is a 1977 American natural horror film directed by William Girdler and based on a story written by Edward L. Montoro. Premiering on May 13, 1977, the movie reunited stars Christopher George and Richard Jaeckel, director Girdler, and producer Montoro from the previous year's hit film Grizzly. Leslie Nielsen stars as the main human antagonist. Day of the Animals tells the story of a psychosis brought on by depletion of the Earth's ozone layer. This madness affects all animals at high altitudes. A group of hapless hikers must survive the animal onslaught and make their way to safety, even as the psychosis turns them against each other. In 1978, Film Ventures International re-released the film to theaters as Something Is Out There. Reviews on release were generally negative, but later commentators have been more favorable.

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Day of the Animals was mostly mocked by critics for its poor special effects, goofy premise, banal execution (derivative of The Birds) and on-the-nose environmental themes. Later reviews have noted that Leslie Nielsen's ruthless character is shocking for a modern audience raised on his work in comedy. Writer William W. Norton was himself disappointed in the film. Modest praise was issued by The Hollywood Reporter. Some critics nevertheless recommended the film to fans of natural horror and disaster films of the 1970s. AllMovie compared it to Kingdom of the Spiders and Frogs Those who saw the film at a young age have formed a cult following of sorts.

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