A group of starry-eyed applicants are auditioned to undergo intensive training in Russia before being flown 100 kilometers up into near space. Here, they will spend up to five days orbiting the Earth, conducting experiments and quite literally watching the world go by - or will they? Unbeknown to them, they won't be in space at all... They won't even be in Russia. They'll actually be in a disused military base at a secret location somewhere in the UK, possibly the most audacious, complicated and ambitious practical joke in television history.

Space Cadets - Netflix

Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2005-12-07

Space Cadets - Space Cadets (TV series) - Netflix

Space Cadets is a British television programme made by Zeppotron (a division of Endemol UK) for Channel 4. Presented by Johnny Vaughan, it was aired across ten consecutive nights beginning on 7 December 2005, with the final episode aired on the evening of 16 December 2005. The series was a hoax at the expense of its contestants, who were told they were being trained as cosmonauts at a Russian military base before undergoing a five-day trip into low earth orbit. In reality, the entire series was filmed in Suffolk, and the contestants did not leave Earth. The series was accompanied by a behind-the-scenes sister show Space Cadets: The Satellite Show, with interviews and phone-ins.

Space Cadets - Cost - Netflix

In total, the two programmes are together rumoured to have cost around £4.5M GBP to produce, including prize payouts, the 6-month audition process, set making, staff salaries, and profits for Zeppotron. The high cost fuelled speculation and rumours about further shows and the possibility of the producers performing a double-bluff in the future (Virgin Galactic is likely to offer initial space tourist flights for £100,000).

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