Naoko Kishikawa works in the undergarment counter at a department store. She is a 31-year-old single woman, leading a boring life. She lives her father Shuji, mother Sue and younger sister Junko.

One day, Naoko happens to meet Lee Ji Won. He is a cameraman from South Korea. Lee Ji Won causes Naoko and her family to change slowly.

Spring Has Come - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: Japanese

Status: Ended

Runtime: 54 minutes

Premier: 2018-01-13

Spring Has Come - Jerry Springer - Netflix

Gerald Norman “Jerry” Springer (born February 13, 1944) is an American television presenter, former lawyer, politician, news presenter, actor, and musician. He has hosted the tabloid talk show Jerry Springer since its debut in 1991 and debuted the Jerry Springer Podcast in 2015.

Spring Has Come - In popular culture - Netflix

In 1998, the MTV animated show Celebrity Deathmatch had a clay-animated fight to the death between Jerry, Oprah Winfrey, and Rosie O'Donnell. Jerry is the first to be killed by being ripped in half like a wishbone. In 2001, the UPN animated sitcom Gary & Mike featured a more lewd parody of The Jerry Springer Show simply called The Jerry Show in which the titular duo would have their own problems publicized without their consent. In this case, coercing Gary to come clean with his mentally unhinged father about losing his car and $30,000 worth of camping gear to robbers. Some of the other guests included a gay couple revealing to the other that one of them has a vagina, conjoined twin couples acts of infidelity, miget crack-whores and an adolescent boy who hired a hitman to kill his father only to later find out the two of them fell in love. Jerry Springer even provided his voice to play as himself. A musical by Stewart Lee and Richard Thomas, Jerry Springer: The Opera, is based on his show. It first became popular at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2002. It has since played at the Royal National Theatre and the West End in London before embarking on a UK Tour in 2006. It opened in 2007 in Chicago, in the US, and plans were to move onto regional productions throughout the United States. It was also screened on BBC 2 Television, causing some controversy. The televised version is now available on DVD. Springer and his television program are mentioned in Mark Knopfler's song “Devil Baby”. The songs “Jerry Springer” by “Weird Al” Yankovic, “Mr Springer” by Fascinating Aïda, “Jerry Rules in the Land of the Free” by the Dutch punk band De Heideroosjes and “Mr. Unfaithful” by the Swedish art-rock band A.C.T were inspired by him. On Jay-Z's album Blueprint 3, Kanye West says “I am never sprung, but I spring her (Springer), Jerry” in the song “Hate”. The Peter Gabriel song “The Barry Williams Show” pokes fun at “The Jerry Springer Show” and many other reality talk shows. Tim Minchin's song “Some People Have It Worse Than I”, mentions The Jerry Springer Show, as well as “...the brilliant insights for which Jerry is known”. At most New York Yankees home games, whenever a fight breaks out, the crowd will start chanting “Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!” in reference to the chanting by his talk show audience when guests of his show are fighting.

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