Stath follows the day-to-day antics at 'Michael & Eagle Lets'; a dodgy London lettings agency run by titular character Stath's father, Solaki. It's a real family affair, as equally inept Sophie, Stath's sister, is also employed there on continual work experience.

Stath has big ambitions to take over the family business one day, but is hampered by his general ability and overall personality. In modern, overcrowded London, the business of finding tenants to rent flats should be pretty easy, but Stath makes it a struggle.

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: In Development

Runtime: None minutes

Premier: None

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Stathi Melani (1858–1917) was an Albanian Orthodox priest who participated in the Congress of Manastir and helped spread awareness of the Albanian written language in southern Albania. He was killed by a group of Greek nationalists near Përmet for insisting on the use of the Albanian language in the local Orthodox liturgy.

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Stath Melani's exploits and actions are sung in ballads by Albanians. A road and a school in Përmet are named after him.

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