This series of Adult Swim segways by Paul Robertson plays out like the greatest 16-bit console game ever, with brilliant character design that will have you grinning ear to ear, and wishing it were playable.

Type: Animation

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 2 minutes

Premier: 2015-04-15

Super Dino Boys - List of Zords - Netflix

In the Power Rangers franchise, a Zord is a type of mecha that is often piloted by a Power Ranger. Some Zords can combine to form a humanoid robot known as a Megazord. The Zords used by the team at any time will have a theme, such as dinosaurs, mythical creatures, or animals associated with fighting-styles.

Super Dino Boys - Other zords - Netflix

Robo Racer – A police car zord piloted by the Blue Senturion. It can transform into a robot form known as Robo Racer. Artillatron – A three-trailer carrier-zord piloted by the Phantom Ranger that houses the Rescuezords.

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