The first channel to follow the wave of post-Gf Italy1 reality was that the 13 February 2001 set off at 20.40 with Survivor Italia. The program derived from a format that had already cashed big plays around the world, thus became one of the biggest bets of the direct network by Roberto Giovalli. Then he changed the concept of reality. They not watched over 10 competitors in a house but you were following the events of 16 novel Robinson Crusoe between 22 and 48 years ( professionals, students, employed, unemployed and a hostess of 'Alitalia on leave ) divided into two tribes Kuna and Tolote and isolated for 43 days on the archipelago of Bocas del Toro, off the coast of Panama in the struggle to survive and win the prize money of half a billion old lire.

Type: Reality

Languages: Italian

Status: Ended

Runtime: 120 minutes

Premier: 2001-02-13

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Airship Italia was a semi-rigid airship used by Italian engineer Umberto Nobile in his second series of flights around the North Pole. It crashed in 1928, with one confirmed fatality from the crash, one fatality from exposure while awaiting rescue, and the disappearance (and presumed death) of six crew members who were trapped in the still-airborne envelope.

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The causes of the crash remain controversial even today. The severe Arctic climate and decision to head back to base in the teeth of a worsening gale, rather than continue across the Pole to attempt a landing in Canada, was the main cause. This fact drove meteorologist Finn Malmgren to attempt suicide twice soon after the crash. Another factor is the decision to let the airship rise above the cloud layer, causing heating and then expansion of the hydrogen, which triggered automatic valving of the gas. Once the engines were restarted, the ship dived through the cloud into freezing air again and, either because the automatic valves were jammed open, or because the ship had already lost too much gas above the clouds, it could no longer stay aloft. Although Umberto Nobile was the victim of a smear campaign after the crash, one criticism of him, from the master airship pilot Hugo Eckener is perhaps justified — that Nobile should never have climbed above the cloud layer in the first place. Another possibility is a rupture of one of the gas cells, although it is difficult to understand why this would not have been immediately noticed by any of the crew on duty. The most recent theory suggests that the outer shell of the airship was damaged during the pre-flight ice removal, when a group of men wearing ice cleats hacked at the airship with pickaxes. In his book Felice Trojani, one of the airship engineers reported that in the years after crash, he examined 11 different possible causes in detail without coming to any real solution.

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