With its new series Taking Fire, Discovery will bring viewers into the hearts and minds of American soldiers, a captivating experience like nothing ever seen on film. The series is the story of a band of brothers deployed to defend one of the United States' farthest flung outposts at the gateway to one of the deadliest places on earth: the mouth of the Taliban-held Korengal Valley in Northeast Afghanistan. Told by the men who fought on the frontlines themselves and illustrated with real combat footage shot on helmet cameras and handy cams, this material never-before-seen on television takes viewers along for a visceral experience not witnessed in news reports or traditional documentary portrayals of war.

Taking Fire - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2016-09-13

Taking Fire - Taking Earth - Netflix

Taking Earth (also known as Finding Cam) is a 2017 South African low-budget science fiction film directed by Grant Humphreys. The film was generally poorly received. It was released in Japan on 3 March 2017 and the US on 17 March 2017. It also came out on iTunes on 2 May 2017 and Netflix on 31 July 2017.

Taking Fire - Synopsis - Netflix

Cities around the world are thrown into chaos as aliens influence people causing them to attack each other. Two young men David and Cameron survive the attack on their city, sheltering in an abandoned building. Cameron knows that the aliens are looking for him, he confesses to David that he is an alien and has been hiding on Earth for the past 7 years. A man, influenced by the aliens, comes to kill them both however Cameron has the ability to make them invisible, so they manage to escape unseen. Cameron also reveals that there are 3 hidden enemy alien spaceships in orbit around the Earth. David now needs to go and find his girlfriend Sarah, so with no transport they travel by foot away from the city. Ellen, Cameron’s protector, is also walking across the country away from the city. She is attacked by an influenced human, however she fights back and kills them with an alien weapon. Another group of people are also attacked, and David and Cameron rescue Shanna, a young lady, from the attackers. Graeme, an alien disguised as a human, is trying to find Cameron. He finds Ellen and befriends her, joining her and her group, planning to use her to expose Cameron. Ellen tells Graeme that she has a place to meet Cameron, that is two days walk from their current location. Graeme insists he should go with her and to find Cameron. David and Cameron are attacked again, this by men armed with guns. David obtains a pistol using it to kill one of them, and Cameron hides them from the others. They are then rescued by another alien who is undercover with Graeme. Ellen and Graeme reach the place where they are to meet Cameron, but he isn’t there. Graeme is angry and admits to Ellen he is an alien. Having not found Cameron he returns to the spaceship, taking Ellen prisoner. The spaceship has to de-cloak itself so David and Cameron see it in the sky, and see Graeme’s shuttle returning to it. The aliens now decide to prepare to bomb the earth, which will kill everyone on it. Cameron realises this, and decides he and David must go to the alien spaceship and surrender to save the Earth. Cameron uses a shuttle hidden in a cave to travel up towards the spaceship. One of the influenced humans manages to sneak onto the ship with them, and plants an alien energy bomb inside. David manages to distract the human while Cameron absorbs the energy bomb. The shuttle, un-piloted then falls towards the ground, David grabs the controls and manages to crash land it on the ground. David having touched the energy bomb, now has some of its energy inside him, which slowly kills him. Ellen persuades Graeme to take Cameron prisoner instead of destroying the Earth, so they return to the Earth to find him. At the same time Cameron initiates a mental link with the alien commanders, and attacks them through this link, trying to stop the attack on Earth. However the aliens still start to fire giant cannons at the Earth. Cameron unleashes his inner power, killing the commanders, disabling all 3 alien spaceships and pulling one of them down out of the sky. This power also brings David back to life. Graeme lands on the Earth and takes Cameron prisoner so the aliens can control his mental powers. Finally David is reunited with his girlfriend Sarah.

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