Imagine living without central heating, a telephone, or a fridge. Imagine living in darkened rooms, or being woken up and forced to spend the rest of the night in a damp, underground shelter. Imagine not being able to pop to the shops for a little of what you fancy…

The 1940s House - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2001-01-02

The 1940s House - Regency House Party - Netflix

Regency House Party is a historical reality television programme made by Wall to Wall/Channel 4 in 2004. It is the fourth in a series of historical reality series produced by Channel 4, preceded by The 1900 House, The 1940s House, and The Edwardian Country House. In the series a group of five men and five women, accompanied by four older female “chaperones,” are given the identities of Regency-era singles. Participants received instruction in the upper class courtship rituals of the time and were charged with seeking out a suitable marriages within the group. The identities assigned range from titled aristocracy and other wealthy members of society to middle class social climbers. One woman is assigned the role of the ladies' assistant and is thus excluded, according to the conventions of the times, from many of the social activities in the house. The series was filmed at Kentchurch Court, a grade I listed stately home in Herefordshire, England.

The 1940s House - Cast - Netflix

Men Mr. Chris Gorell Barnes - Host and Master of Kentchurch Court Mr. John Everett - stage manager who is given the second highest male ranking in the house “Captain” Jeremy Glover - former dotcom millionaire who is initially given the third highest male ranking in the house and the role of a Regency naval captain. During the series his character is awarded a large sum of money for capturing a prize of war and attains a baronetcy, and with wealth and title “Sir Jeremy” becomes the highest ranking male. “Captain” Paul Robinson - hair dresser who is given the fourth highest male ranking in the house and given the role of commissioned Army officer Mr. Mark Foxsmith - teacher who is given the lowest male ranking in the house and given the role of a clergyman. He fell in love with Lady Devonport, 25 years his senior, and they continued a relationship after the series. Women Countess Larushka Ivan-Zadeh Griaznov - a barmaid who holds the title Countess Griaznov from Russian nobility (but does not use it in real life) is the highest ranking female. She is given the role of a Russian countess who is now penniless. Miss Victoria Hopkins - a rich sales and marketing executive, who is given the second highest female ranking. Miss Lisa Braund - a receptionist, the 3rd ranked female Miss Hayley Conick - trainee headhunter, the 4th ranked female Miss Francesca Martin - given the lowest rank of the eligible females, lady's companion to Hostess Rogers. Chaperones Mrs. Fiona Rogers - former society model who is given the role as the House Hostess and chaperone of the Countess Lady Elizabeth Devonport - real-life aristocrat, the chaperone of Miss Hopkins. She fell in love with Mark Foxsmith and they continued a relationship after the series. Mrs. Rosie Hammond - self-made millionaire, the chaperone of Miss Braund Mrs. Rosemary Enright - former military officer and romantic novelist, the chaperone of Miss Conick Miss Tanya Samuel - abolitionist, and the highest ranking female guest in the Regency House Party

The 1940s House - References - Netflix