Type: Reality

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2005-09-21

The Apprentice - Martha Stewart - The Apprentice: Martha Stewart - Netflix

The Apprentice: Martha Stewart is a reality game show and a spin-off from the series, The Apprentice, that ran in the fall of 2005. Broadcast on NBC, the show featured business tycoon Martha Stewart. Tasks were centered on Stewart's areas of expertise: media, culinary arts, entertaining, decorating, crafts, design, merchandising, and style. The tone of the show was somewhat muted compared to the original, as Stewart brought her own sensibilities to the elimination process, often simply saying goodbye, in contrast to original series host Donald Trump's catchphrase: “You're fired.” She also wrote a cordial letter to the candidate who was fired; many times she took subtle jabs at the fired candidate and gave frank reasons for why the candidate did not succeed on the show. Several segments featuring Stewart were filmed at her home in Bedford, New York because at the time, she was serving the five-month house arrest portion of her ImClone scandal conviction. Donald Trump, Mark Burnett and Jay Bienstock executive produced the show. Businessman Charles Koppelman and Stewart's daughter, Alexis Stewart accompanied the two teams during tasks and reported their observations to Stewart in the boardroom. The two teams, Matchstick and Primarius, competed in 11 challenges. Overall, Primarius won eight, while Matchstick (candidates were reshuffled after Matchstick lost several times in a row) won only three. The show's theme song is “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” by Eurythmics. The logo is a businesswoman in a dress running with a bag instead of a businessman running with a briefcase. The background music is written by David Vanacore, Mark T, Williams, and Jeff Lippencott. Despite the fairly big initial hype, ratings for this spin-off were relatively weak. This show averaged only 7 million viewers, and garnered a mediocre 2.5 average in the very important demographic of 18- to 49-year-old viewers. However, this program aired against very tough competition, including ABC's massive hit Lost. After the second episode, the show was moved from the 8 p.m. time slot to the 9 p.m. slot, and in spite of facing Lost, saw a slight increase in ratings. There have been numerous rumors thrown out as to why the show failed, including: “too much” Martha Stewart (her Martha daytime program and this prime time program), confusion between this version and Trump's version which airs the day after (on Thursday nights), apathy over reality shows in general, NBC's declining fortunes, fatigue with the Apprentice franchise itself, and weak casting, although some felt the cast was superior to Apprentice 4, which ran concurrently. Trump blamed the Martha series for the declining ratings of his own version, even though the ratings for his show began to fall over a year before Martha's version premiered. Stewart responded in turn that she was supposed to have “fired” Trump in the premiere episode, making her a successor to Trump rather than the host of a spinoff. In mid-November 2005, NBC announced that it would not bring back the show for a second season, although the network and Stewart claimed that the show was initially planned as a one-season endeavor. Within a few years of the end of the series, three of the top runners-up (Bethenny, Marcela, and Leslie) were participating in other television ventures, with second-place finisher Bethenny Frankel parlaying her fame from the inaugural cast The Real Housewives of New York City into further reality shows, television hosting, books, and a successful business, Skinnygirl Cocktails. Fourth-place finisher Ryan Danz appeared on the 21st season of The Amazing Race alongside his girlfriend Abbie Ginsberg. They finished in 5th place. A third contestant, Shawn Killinger, would go on to be a popular on air host at QVC.

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Special notes: In the prologue, Martha requested both teams to report back to the Conference Room. Martha asked Primarius who has not yet been a project leader. Martha selects Ryan to lead Matchstick and Jennifer was asked to lead Primarius. As Martha was discouraged that Matchstick had heavily lost four tasks in a row, she decided to reshuffle the teams. Ryan selects Dawna, Amanda, Leslie, David, and Marcela for Matchstick. Jennifer selects Howie, Sarah, Carrie, Bethenny, and Jim for Primarius. Officially Amanda, Dawna, and Ryan are transferred to Matchstick. Bethenny and Jim are transferred to Primarius. Sarah, Carrie, Howie, and Jennifer are still in their original team Primarius and David, Leslie, and Marcela are still in Matchstick. Matchstick wins for the first time in the series, putting David and Marcela on the winning team for the first (and in David's case, only) time. This is the first time a two-person boardroom takes place and it is the first time Martha chooses the final boardroom candidates instead of the project manager. After Jennifer left, Charles and Alexis admitted they couldn't even remember what she'd done during any of the prior tasks. Consequently, Martha's letter to Jennifer ended up being by far the shortest one given to a departing candidate this season, and said little beyond wishing her well in the future. Wishbone debuted a new television commercial during this episode, featuring Charles and Alexis eating Wishbone salad dressing. In the ad, Alexis jokingly whispers to Charles that they can't let her mother know they're eating Wishbone dressing.

Losing team: Primarius Reasons for loss: Despite a higher price, they sold 50 bottles less than Matchstick. Jennifer struggled to control her team, and Jim's conduct and lewd remarks nearly got their display shut down altogether. Primarius only sold 391 bottles of $1,560.09 in profit. Sent to Conference Room: Jennifer, Jim

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