With the explosion of infographics and big data, maps aren't just about geography anymore. They can tell us all kinds of things about the human experience. National Geographic Channel's new series The Big Picture With Kal Penn is all about finding the unexpected — and sometimes surprising — realities in both the world at large and our own backyard, revealed by crunching the numbers and finding new ways to visualize data. Host and producer Kal Penn is taking viewers on a journey to understand how things like money, sex, food, sports and crime influence our daily lives. Exploring and generating infographics from information banks and data analyses, we investigate different themes through the mapping of new data, the creative visualization of information, and in-depth personal stories with fascinating characters.

The Big Picture with Kal Penn - Netflix

Type: Documentary

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2015-03-30

The Big Picture with Kal Penn - Sandy Antunes - Netflix

Alexander “Sandy” Antunes, (born 1967 in Baltimore, Maryland) is a Maryland-area astronomer, author, and role playing game designer. He graduated from Boston University in 1989 with a dual major in astronomy and physics, received a Masters in astronomy from Penn State in 1992, and received his PhD in computational astrophysics from George Mason University in 2005. He is an associate professor of Astronautical Engineering at Capitol Technology University.

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Antunes has been active in the gaming community since 1992. With his wife, Emma, he founded the industry-focused role-playing game website RPGnet in 1996. He has published a monthly column on the business side of gaming since the site's inception. One early column, “The 1K Company” (RPGnet, 1998), continues to receive comments and citations. Antunes's notable works include Miskatonic University, a supplement for Call of Cthulhu; Rules to Live By (a LARP rule book); Priceless, published by Rogue Publishing; and the Origins Award-nominated A Faery's Tale. He was chief editor on the Origins Award-nominated Metagame Magazine for its mass market run, 1997-1999. He was executive director of the GPA for 2000 and 2002. Antunes and Mike Young ran the Cthulhu Live demos at the 1996 Gen Con game convention. In recent years he has been exploring games that can be played by parents and children, children's games, and family games.

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