Fresh young reporter Tucker Burns gets a job with The Chronicle, a tabloid newspaper that publishes stories about aliens and headless horsemen. He soon discovers that The Chronicle isn't making up its stories, and helps investigate all matter of supernatural occurrences.

The Chronicle - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Ended

Runtime: 60 minutes

Premier: 2001-07-14

The Chronicle - Chronicle - Netflix

A chronicle (Latin: chronica, from Greek χρονικά, from χρόνος, chronos, “time”) is a historical account of facts and events ranged in chronological order, as in a time line. Typically, equal weight is given for historically important events and local events, the purpose being the recording of events that occurred, seen from the perspective of the chronicler. This is in contrast to a narrative or history, which sets selected events in a meaningful interpretive context and excludes those the author does not see as important. Where a chronicler obtained the information varies; some chronicles are written from first-hand knowledge, some are from witnesses or participants in events, still others are accounts passed mouth to mouth prior to being written down. Some used written material: Charters, letters, or the works of earlier chroniclers. Still others are tales of such unknown origins so as to hold mythical status. Copyists also affected chronicles in creative copying, making corrections or in updating or continuing a chronicle with information not available to the original author(s). The reliability of a particular chronicle is an important determination for modern historians. In modern times various contemporary newspapers or other periodicals have adopted “chronicle” as part of their name. Various fictional stories have also adopted “chronicle” as part of their title, to give an impression of epic proportion to their stories. A chronicle which traces world history is called a universal chronicle.

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Anglo-Saxon Chronicle — England Annales Bertiniani – West Francia Annales Cambriae – Wales Annales seu cronicae incliti Regni Poloniae – Poland Annals of Inisfallen — Ireland Annals of Lough Cé – Ireland Annals of the Four Masters — Ireland Annals of Spring and Autumn — China Babylonian Chronicles — Mesopotamia Anonymous Bulgarian Chronicle — Bulgaria Bodhi Vamsa — Sri Lanka Buranji — Ahoms, Assam, India Cāmadevivaṃsa — a Northern Thai Chronicle Culavamsa — Sri Lanka (Chronica Polonorum): see Gesta principum Polonorum Cheitharol Kumbaba (kumpapa) – Manipur, India Chronica Gentis Scotorum Chronica seu originale regum et principum Poloniae – Poland Chronicon of Eusebius Chronicon Scotorum – Ireland Chronicon of Thietmar of Merseburg Chronicle of Finland (Chronicon Finlandiae) by Johannes Messenius – Finland Dioclean Priest's Chronicle — Europe Chronicle of the Slavs — Europe Chronicle of Greater Poland – Poland Chronicle (Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh) Chronica Hungarorum – History of Hungary Chronicle of Jean de Venette – France Chronicle of the Bishops of England (De Gestis Pontificum Anglorum) by William of Malmesbury Chronicle of the Kings of England (De Gestis Regum Anglorum) by William of Malmesbury Chronographia – 11th century History of the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium) by Michael Psellos Comentarios Reales de los Incas Conversion of Kartli — Georgia Cronaca fiorentina – Chronicle of Florence up to the end of the 14th Century by Baldassarre Bonaiuti Cronicae et gesta ducum sive principum Polonorum – Poland Croyland Chronicle — England Dawn-Breakers (Nabil's Narrative) — Bahá'í Faith and Middle East Dipavamsa — Sri Lanka Divan of the Abkhazian Kings — Georgia Eric Chronicles — Sweden Eusebius Chronicle — Mediterranean and Middle East Fragmentary Annals of Ireland – Ireland Froissart's Chronicles — France and Western Europe Galician-Volhynian Chronicle — Ukraine Georgian Chronicles — Georgia Gesta Normannorum Ducum — Normandy Gesta principum Polonorum Grandes Chroniques de France — France Henry of Livona Chronicle — Eastern Europe Historia Ecclesiastica — Norman England The Historie and Chronicles of Scotland, Robert Lindsay of Pitscottie History of the Prophets and Kings — Middle East and Mediterranean Hustyn Chronicle – Eastern Europe Jans der Enikel — Europe and Mediterranean Jinakalamali – Northern Thailand Joannis de Czarnkow chronicon Polonorum – Poland Jerome's Chronicle — Mediterranean and Middle East Kaiserchronik -Central and southern Europe, Germany Kano Chronicle — Nigeria Lethrense Chronicle — Denmark Madala Panji – Chronicle of the Jagannath Temple in Puri, India, related to the History of Odisha Mahavamsa — Sri Lanka Manx Chronicle – Isle of Man Nabonidus Chronicle — Mesopotamia Nuova Cronica — Florence Paschale Chronicle — Mediterranean Primary Chronicle — Eastern Europe Puranas — India Rajatarangini — Kashmir Roit and Quheil of Tyme -Scotland, Adam Abell Roskildense Chronicle — Denmark Royal Frankish Annals — Frankish Empire Scotichronicon – by the Scottish historian Walter Bower Skibby Chronicle – Danish Latin chronicle from the 1530s Swiss illustrated chronicles — Switzerland Zizhi Tongjian — China

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