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The Comedy Show Show - Netflix

Type: Scripted

Languages: English

Status: Running

Runtime: 30 minutes

Premier: 2016-03-31

The Comedy Show Show - The Archie Show - Netflix

The Archie Show (Also known as The Archies) is an American animated musical comedy series produced by Filmation for CBS. Based on the Archie comic books, created by Bob Montana in 1941, The Archie Show aired Saturday mornings on CBS from September 1968 to August 1969, when it was replaced by an hour-long version, The Archie Comedy Hour. Filmation continued to produce further Archie television series until 1978.

The Comedy Show Show - Credits - Netflix

Directed by: Hal Sutherland Series Written by: Bob Ogle Associate Directors: Rudy Larriva, Don Towsley The Characters are Based on The Archie Comics Book Series Created by · John Goldwater Based On The Characters Originally Designed by · Bob Montana Art Director: Don Christensen Storyboards: Sherman Labby, Gary Lund, Jan Green, Oscar Dufau, Mike O'Connor Layout: Ken Hultgren, Kay Wright, Jim Davis Background Design: Erv Kaplan Background Artists: Paul Xander, Maurice Harvey, Bill Geach, Venetia Epler, Martin Forte, Patricia Frye, Jack Healey, Rene Garcia, Ted Littlefield, Bill McArdle, Art Lozzi, Lorraine Morgan, Ann Guenther, Barbara Smith Production Coordinator: Rock Benedict Checking Supervision: Marion Turk, Jane Philippi Ink and Paint Supervision: Martha Buckley, Betty Brooks Voices: Dallas McKennon, Howard Morris, Jane Webb, John Erwin Vocals by: Ron Dante, Toni Wine Background Music: Ray Ellis · R.E.C. Music, Inc. A.S.C.A.P. Songs and Dances, Words and Music by: Jeff Barry, Ritchie Adams, Mark Barkan · Publisher Don Kirshner Music, Inc. B.M.I. Music Supervisor: Don Kirshner Animators: Chic Otterstrom, Les Kaluza, Xenia, Bill Hutten, Otto Feuer, Ken Southworth, Jack Ozark, Reuben Timmins, Ed Friedman, Butch Davis, Virgil Raddatz, Bob Trochim, Virgil Ross, Tom McDonald, Dave Tendlar, Bob Matz, Paul Krukowski, Dick Hall, Bill Hajee, Ralph Somerville, Len Rogers, Murray McClellan, Len Redman, Jim Brummett, Bob Carr, Russ Von Neida, Bob Bransford, Joan Orbison, Bill Pratt, Marshall Lamore, Bob Bentley, Jack Foster, Norm McCabe, Geo Grandpré, Judy Drake, Bill Reed Camera Supervision: Roger Brown, Ray Lee, Ron Lapeer, Gary Milton, Sergio Antonio Alcazar, Roger Sims Negative Cutting: June Gilham Sound Effects: Einfeld Mahana Corp. Prints by: Technicolor Produced by: Lou Scheimer, Norm Prescott Produced by Filmation Associates

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